Dospalmas' Guestbook

30th March 2010

Wonderful.....I finally got to visit your blog. Love it!!Have fun.
29th March 2010

Apparently, Jim has not taken the opportunity to get some sun yet!
28th March 2010

zip lining is quite a thrill. glad to hear you tried it. looking forward to your next adventure
27th March 2010

I can't believe you did zip lining either. Looks like a beautiful view, and NO SNOW!!! Have fun :)
25th March 2010

wow the pictures are amazing. this is so cool, glad to hear things are going well
25th March 2010

Hi KarenGlad to hear the travel blog is working well. Tomorrow I will add some pictures from our zip lining trip today. It was amazing. Costa Rica is great and the people are very friendly and helpful. Tomorrow we fly to an area south of
here that is more of a beach area. i am looking forward to getting some sun on my white body!Talk again soon.Pat
23rd March 2010

Pat and JimLook forward to hearing all about it. We are just a tiny bit jealous but will have to make do with stalking you around the world!
19th March 2010

well i made it on your blog. happy holidays
18th March 2010

Hi Pat and Jim, looking forward to reading all about your travel adventures!! Great idea to set up a travel blog!!Monica

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