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Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga January 9th 2011

Week 2 So life on Raro is still going well. The weather is still amazing and life is still great. I wish I had big, wonderful things to write about but to be honest, I am working pretty darn hard over here and don’t really have too much time for anything else. We have a 6 day work week with Sundays off. The only problem with that is the whole island shuts down on Sunday, forcing us to sort of relax at home and catch up on all the things we put off during the week like laundry and what not. There were of course, a few highlights to the last week here in the South Pacific. My flat mate Sara decided to move out of our house and into a great little apartment with her ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga January 5th 2011

Hey all! So, one week has already passed for me here in paradise and I must say.... it sure beats a Michigan winter!! I arrived at 7am Raro time on Monday the 27 of December and was greeted by my boss Steve. He gave me the lowdown on my fellow interns and our awesome instructors on the drive to the house. After I was dropped off I had lots of time to unpack and take a much needed shower! The house is great, it has 3 bedrooms and a nice full living room and kitchen that open up onto our front porch. The view consists of the lush green mountaintops and palm trees... not too shabby! After getting settled into my room, my flatmate Sara from Colorado was nice enough to have me hop on her ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga December 27th 2010

Ok kids..... here we go. Sitting here at LAX waiting for my flight to start boarding.... getting pretty excited! Also, completely pooped already, its 11:35pm MI time, 8:45pm LA time, and 6:45pm Raro time. I was seriously hoping for an empty flight so I could lay out and sleep the whole time but of course, come to find out, my flight is going through to Auckland after dropping us lucky few at Rarotonga. That means a full flight :(. Anyway, to all my friends and family: please keep in touch and get a hold of me for my Skype name so we can chat! Love you all! C... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga December 19th 2010

So, it is the official one week countdown to my departure for Rarotonga. My one measly suitcase is mostly packed.... I am told by my friend Gaz that I have already packed too much. But that's ok. The preceding weeks have been filled with visits and time spent with family and friends, and of course the standard doctor and dentist visits that I am so bad about keeping. Spliting my time between New York and Michigan for the last 3 years has made me somewhat lapse on my personal care. I brush my teeth and floss everyday, have no pain and take no medications, so these "routine" visits tend to fall by the wayside when I actually am home for more important ventures like keeping up my relationships with area bartenders. This being the Christmas season ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa August 2nd 2010

Hi all, So I am returning for a second trip to Zanzibar in February but am starting my search now for a cheap place to stay. The first time I went I was lucky enough to stay with a friend, this time around I have to fend for myself. So if anyone has any recommendations for very affordable places to stay, please let me know! Thanks a million! Court... read more

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