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March 6th 2009
Published: March 24th 2009
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The Marriage In VietnamThe Marriage In VietnamThe Marriage In Vietnam

Trang and Huan were married in Vietnam last summer
What a hectic few days I have had in Vietnam. Trang just gave birth to a baby girl. This cute little girl has a lot of names. They asked me to give it an American name so I choose "Sarah." The Bible Sarah was known for her beauty even in old age and her adventurist spirit. The Vietnamese place a lot in the meaning of names so that was my part.
Sarah has more names then Carter has pills. Now I find out that they have nick name they intend to call Sarah around the home "Chip." They came up with this one because she sounds like a baby chicken. I haven't told them that a baby chicken really sounds like chirp but who cares? They also say the smarts in a computer is in the chip so of course they are willing a whole lot of smarts to little Sarah.
Her real name is: Trần Gia Hân. Trần is Huan's last name and the children in Vietnamese society always take the father's last name.

Gia is a name of a famous Vietnamese princess.

Hân, comes from a famous women in Vietnamese literature.

So there you have it.
Another Marriage PhotoAnother Marriage PhotoAnother Marriage Photo

They have about a million marriage photos. This is one of my favorites
Trần Gia Hân which is pronounced kind of like Chan Zea Han.
Trần is the last name, Gia is the middle name and Hân is Sarah's real first name although a lot of Vietnamese go by their first and second name.

She isn't very big but seems well developed. My thumb is as big as her foot. My fist is as big as her head.

My last trip to Vietnam I met a lot of women Librarians and other friends. Amazonly, most have either gotten married or had babies or both.

Bui Bich, nicknamed Phuong was the hotel receptionist who gave me a lot of help with my study of Vietnamese. She got married and had a baby. The baby came premature at seven months and both Phuong and the baby had to stay in the hospital 20 days. They are doing fine now, she, her husband and the baby live in a little apartment no bigger that 12 feet by 12 feet.

She had dreams of being an English Teacher and was working at the hotel by daytime and going to school in the evening. All her dreams are on hold now as she lost
Wedding BlessingWedding BlessingWedding Blessing

They came to the United States to get their wedding blessed by God at the Holy Nativity Church in Kinsley KS. USA. Rotary Dad Kent on right and Rotary Uncle Ray Gaskill on left.
her job at the hotel and is tied to taking care of her baby.

The Librarian at Danang Provincial Library is having her second baby.

The Section Leader of the International Division of the National Library just had a baby.

Trang, as a Airline Flight Attendant has some pregnancy benefits. Same for the Librarians at the National Library and Provincial Libraries. People like Phuong are left to their own means. Most of the time that is very little. Phuong is not even getting any family support.

Additional photos below
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Sarah arrived on time in 9 months but gave her Mom a scare at 8 months. She weighed 6 pounds one ounce.

Mom looks pretty good after delivery.
Eating Trung Vit LonEating Trung Vit Lon
Eating Trung Vit Lon

Incubated Duck Egg. Huan and I feasted on this delicacy on the way home.

24th March 2009

Congratualtions Grandad!!!!
What a joy to see you again blogging from your beloved Vietnam. Im so happy for you all, Sarah is beautiful, im so pleased she is doing well. How very you to go eat incubated duck eggs to celebrate.....the irony, I send you much Love Kent. XX

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