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March 13th 2013
Published: March 13th 2013
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We left Battambang and did a epic trip to get to the beach in Sihanoukville; up at 6.15am for a 3 hour bus to Pursat where we visited a floating village - not alot to say about that, its a village and it floats 😊. Then a 5 hour bus to Phnom Penh, an hour wait and a 6 hour bus to Sihanoukville, we arrived at midnight and passed out.

There are a few beaches in Sihanoukville we started in Serendipity Beach which is the busiest and full of 'Brits Abroad' types, the first day we went straight to the beach to get our tan on, there are loads of Cambodian women trying to get everyone to get massages and buying bracelets. They are very good at selling and I got my feet cleaned and 3 bracelets - I didn't want anything! Despite suncreaming the whole day we both got our white bits burnt up right nice, stayed on that beach for 4 days mainly because I couldn't face lifting my bag onto my burntness. Lots of hanging out in the shade in the days and some drinking in the evening, we tried the boozy bars but got bored of

Not sure if I'm happy or clinically insane in this one
it; our last night there was really fun, we met some cool people and steered clear of the gross bars unfortunately I had too many G&T's and had to go home early. Woke up feeling slightly rough (I felt like boiled shit) and we packed up and headed to Otres Beach which is 4km down the road and much quieter.

We got to Otres and Cec kindly left me with the bags and found us a room, it was just a mattress, fan and mosquito net in a wooden room with a shared bathroom but it was cheap and on the beach. So we got there on the 4th and left on the 13th, it was basically a beach holiday in between all the constant travelling but I definately needed it. Everyday we chilled out on the beach or in the guesthouse, one day we took a day trip to the islands off the coast which was more laying around on the beach with a bit of snorkelling and fishing. We hung out with this Scottish girl who was staying at our place as well and somehow I ended up trying to teach her to like whiskey by drinking
Big ass lizardBig ass lizardBig ass lizard

It shat in our room and on my clothes - gross!
a lot of it. One night we sat at the bar at 3am drinking whiskey in the dark because everyone else was in bed; she may have been a bad influence on me. We heard from our Dutch buddies and they were due into Cambodia on the 10th so we decided to stay a few more days and catch up with them; contemplated visiting some other places but we were too lazy 😊

The family running our guesthouse had a baby shower/birthday party for one of their babies and some kids and we were invited; free food and more importantly free beer - I really enjoyed it! After that we headed out to meet the dutch for blonde Charlottes birthday, got a tuk tuk over there where I may have had a small nap - beer makes me sleepy ok! We had a very good night, I don't have the pictures but I have seen them and at some point that night I carried Cec firemans lift style to our next bar 😊 We left them at about 3am and headed back to our beach where the crazy Scot got our her ukelele and we went to the beach
Otres BeachOtres BeachOtres Beach

Its a hard life :)
to jam (I know I can't pull that off shut up). Cec went to bed but somehow I ended up drinking whiskey at stupid o clock in a Scottish bar on the beach, made it to bed by 7am and hated myself the next day. Got our Vietnam visa and booked our bus, it was time to leave Cambodia and do country no. 4.


We have finally left the beach! Travelled for 13 hours today to get to Ho Chi Minh City; I'm back in Vietnam yay!! Went out for dinner and obviously my first night in 'Nam I ate mexican food 😊 Very excited to revisit Vietnam - sightseeing starts tomorrow!


13th March 2013
Otres Beach

Otres beach
Don't you two look great. Glad you chilling out and keeping hydrated !!!!! between your long bus trip It's freezing here in uk.

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