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May 7th 2013
Published: May 15th 2013
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This is a long over due personal update blog about my family in Vietnam. As most of you know I adopted two brothers, Sinh and Tu many years ago.

Where have the years gone? Both boys are now married and I am a besotted grand mother to little six month old grand daughter, Dieu Kha (pronounced you car).

Life has changed dramatically for both of the boys who spent their formative years growing up in an orphange in Hoi An.

Tu is now 29, married to the lovely Phuong who is our Assistant In Country Manager at Lifestart Foundation. Many of you who have visited our workshop and projects in Hoi An will have no doubt met her. Phuong is doing a wonderful job in her important and varied role. Tu and Phuong are happily married and are first time parents to my adorable little grand daughter.

Before he married Phuong, Tu spent a year in Australia living with me in Melbourne and studying how to make wedding gowns.

Now back in Hoi An Tu is working in the fashion industry making beautiful wedding gowns and accessories for the international market and is a doting dad.

Sinh, the youngest is now 26 and recently married to Ni an accountant here in Hoi An. Sinh is as most of you know an accomplished artist. Here is the link to his website if you haven't already seen his work.... He is also a painting teacher and works together with Lifestart Foundation doing the traditional painting class component of our half day tour ....... In addition to painting and teaching he is also artist in residence at Anatara Resort in Hoi An (formerly Life Heritage Resort) so he is finally living the dream of being immersed in his passion.

My mum in Australia will be 90 years old this September. What a milestone!

We are in the process of applying for a visa for Sinh to visit Australia in September to meet my mum for the first time and to celebrate her 90th birthday with her. If you have met Sinh here in Hoi An I was hoping that you wouldn't mind writing a character reference for him to support his visitor visa application to come to Australia for a short holiday.

Any supporting references for his visa would be very helpful and sincerely appreciated. Sinhs full name is Vo

Pictured on their wedding day
Van Trong Sinh.

Even though I have adopted Sinh and Tu in Vietnam the adoption is unfortunately not recognized by the Australian government. So a family visa would not be possible.

It would be lovely for Sinh to meet my mum and to see a little of Australia.

For those of you who are little techno challenged like myself if you click on any of the words in blue it will automatically link you into that subject.

Lots of Love from Karen

PS Lifestart Foundation is still looking for a self funded Physiotherapist anytime from now to October 2013. Our current amazing Physio Emma from New Zealand is due to finish her volunteer assignment with us at the end of May. It would have been terrific to have a hand over period but as the time ticks by that doesn't seem likely unfortunately.We have a great facility with new and improved equipment thanks to the German Embassy in Vietnam and an awesome bunch of patients just waiting....

So if you are a Physiotherapist who has been thinking about doing some volunteering please don't hestitate to get in contact.


Pictured on their wedding day
Update. In response to my last blog , we have 3 new incoming volunteers due to arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Great News!

youtube video 1

youtube video 2

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The traditional toast on their wedding day

15th May 2013

How marvelous
Great story and thanks for sharing.
16th May 2013

Karen, I always love to hear from and learn what the foundation is up to. This personal news is most welcome as well ... thanks for staying in touch! Stay well. Best always, Leslie
17th May 2013

Great blog
Thanks for the news Karen. No wonder you are a proud grandmum! Your family is gorgeous! All the best. Carol Kee
26th November 2013

Wow, your work is so amazing - changing people's lives. I am inspired by your blog.

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