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June 26th 2006
Published: June 27th 2006
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"I'm allergic to fish, shellfish, peanuts and aubergines" was surely the most ridiculous sentence to come from the mouth of a man who had just signed up to join a cookery course in which every item on the itinerary contained one or more of these foods. And who's allergic to aubergines anyway...!

Today I went on another cookery course. We started with a tour of the market (including the dubios delight of frogs skinned alive, still breathing - sick) before taking a boat downstream to the 'Red Bridge' restaurant and cookery school. The setup was good with a nice dining area, big enough cooking area and a comprehensive herb garden. The clientelle on the course were more Hyacith Bouquet than I was used to, but it was a refrshing change from scruffy backpackers. The group was also larger that I was used to at around 20, but in spite of this it was a great course.

After the course I went back to my first tailors and ordered a winter coat, and with that I underline my tailoring experience!

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27th June 2006

poor frogs
Do not encourage them to torture the frogs by eating any of them.
28th June 2006

Certainly wont! Ill eat anything really, but I stop short of unnecessary cruelty. I dont see why they need to be skinned alive...

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