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October 23rd 2011
Published: October 28th 2011
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A very sleepy town compared everywhere else we've been. We really didn’t do a lot of the touristy things in Hoi An, like going to the temples and sight-seeing places. We went to one museum and one temple just to say we have been to some in Hoi An…..but we are really not too interested in looking at them at the moment because we are a little over them to tell you the truth.

We instead opted to go shopping.......And might I say Paul got more clothes made than I did, but I did get more shoes than he did! lol My first shoe experience was pretty good, they measured my feet and said some back tomorrow to try on. 2 pairs of perfect shoes first up!! Scored!! Ok so next it was onto clothes and we found this shop on a corner and well it was said to be pretty popular so we went in and picked our styles and materials got all measured up which I might say takes forever so don't plan on getting anything done in a hurry. But after that was all finished we got another....come back tomorrow to try on. Paul 2 pairs of long pants and 1 pair of shorts....PERFECT!! Me on the other hand....not so lucky. 1 dress....PERFECT!! 1 dress almost perfect and one top....not finished. So back again for another try on and my top still not right and not looking good. So after the last time we would be in town for my last try on of my top....no where near perfect, so I didn't get it! If they don't have a picture of the style you want, don't even try to get it made....take a picture or even better....the same thing you want made. But other than that we are really impressed with what we got and we would recommend you go to 24.

The shoes we had made are awesome and we went to a little shop that is owned by a guy that worked at the resort we stayed at and his family. They are really good. Paul got a pair of shoes and a belt made and they are PERFECT!! I got a pair of knee high boots made - to fit my calf muscles!! Do you know how hard it is to find me a pair of boots that fit!!!
EVERY HARD!!!!! So I'm wrapped with my shoes and so is Paul so if you need shoes made go to Bah Tinh 2.

The beach, although it had been hit with big tides and storms and had to be combed was still really nice to go and sit on and we even went for a swim. We spent a couple of days just sitting on the beach reading a book or playing with the camera.

Motos.....we were brave and took one for ride all by ourselves!!! It was scary but fun!! We even went for a cyclo ride and that was heaps of fun as well.

We had walked the streets for bargains and we got a few that we thought we pretty good so we need to get another carry on bag.....so much stuff and not enough room to take it home!
The food is just like everywhere else, some cheap and some not so cheap and we had some really nice food here. An early fight the morning we left meant we had to be up at 3.30am to leave at 4am to catch a 6am flight! Talk about tired, once we arrived in Nha Trang we slept
Moto driver PaulMoto driver PaulMoto driver Paul

We braved it and took a moto out by ourselves!!
till about lunch time.

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Deep Fried BreadDeep Fried Bread
Deep Fried Bread

This one is for your Brendan!! lol

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