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May 22nd 2007
Published: May 22nd 2007
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“Clean Up The World Day.” was a great opportunity for the students of Lifestart Foundation Free School and as many Lifestart families as possible to learn more about looking after their immediate environment.

Hoi An’s project was “Clean Up The River Day.” The designated day was going to be a very hot one, so an early start was advisable. Some 600 children and adults marshaled on the peninsula where most of Lifestart Foundation’s work is consolidated at 6 a.m.

We were divided up into groups and given stretches of the river to clean. People power is an amazing thing—with so many hands picking up every conceivable piece of litter, the river was looking clean in no time.

I have long held the dream that Vietnam would adopt a similar program to that of Clean Up Australia. What we really need is a Vietnamese version of Ian Kiernan, AO, the founder of Clean Up Australia and Clean Up The World.

It is all about education and awareness. Vietnam's rivers and waterways are terribly polluted with lots of plastic and many other things. I am sure that many people are simply not aware of the long-term problems that this will cause. It is such a shame, as so much of Vietnam relies on the river system and the sea as a primary food source.

Perhaps in the big scheme of things, so many other problems that need to be addressed in Vietnam bump environmental issues from the top of the list. In a small way, we are trying to teach the people we work with how best to look after their environment.

It often feels like we are only taking "baby steps," but I suppose the most important thing is that we are taking steps, albeit small ones, in the right direction.

Love from Karen

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Could I ask all table captains to send their ticket money in to me by the end of May please. If your guests have not paid as yet could I ask you to pay for your table and collect the money from your guests in due course. I am in Vietnam all of June and part of July so I have only a short time left to organize everything. I would really appreciate your help with this. Thank you from Karen.

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23rd May 2007

Great stuff
Karen this is just fantastic, you are making such a difference keep up the good work and hope we can help you soon.
25th May 2007

Keep up the good work.

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