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November 13th 2016
Published: November 14th 2016
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Beautifully decorated side streetsBeautifully decorated side streetsBeautifully decorated side streets

I love all the plant life around the hoses here
Day seven - Sunday got off to a slow start due to the late night partying, we missed breakfast and ended up ordering some chips and bread to the room. The idea was to have chip butties however it turned out that the bread was sweet so that did not end up happening. I spent some time on the balcony looking down at the street, even though this hotel was on a side street there was still plenty to look at; scooters meandering through crowds of people and tiny vans beeping and weaving. People carrying boxes of all sorts of exotic fruits like dragon fruit, durian and lychees are a common sight. The street sellers always seem to be out in force, even coming in to restaurants to try and sell you anything from cigarettes and crocodile purses to miniature guitars.

Once I finally felt a bit more human we took a wander and explored around the new hotel, it wasn't far from the last one but we ended up getting a bit lost as we walked around the side streets. The houses are beautiful in a raw sort of way, small and squashed in amongst each other many of them are decorated beautifully with plants and statutes and the people of this country have a definite fondness for bonsai trees - something I can definitely get on board with.

Finding a little cafe I ordered a mushroom omelette and bread, still needing to recover after the previous night. The woman who welcomed us and took our orders also seemed to be the chef, she made beautiful food and was very friendly.

After a quiet evening we organised our accomodation in Ho Chi Minh and had an early night after first checking out the moon as it was supposed to be especially large and bright. It was bright but not a different size, perhaps we were in the wrong part of the world for that particular phenomenon.


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