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June 24th 2006
Published: June 24th 2006
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With views like this who cares about a bit of sickness...With views like this who cares about a bit of sickness...With views like this who cares about a bit of sickness...

... especially when its someone else being sick!
The vomit bus
Today I took a coach from Dalat to Nha Trang. Unfortunately the slighly (extremely) agressive driving and the very (VERY!) winding roads caused an almost constant stream of passengers to be coachsick. The actual effect was comical, as no sooner had the sound of one persons retching finished but another seemed to start. Thank god they were all down the front tho, while I was sat safely at the back!

Vietnamese Coffee
With very few exceptions vietnamese coffee is served VERY stong, brewed in a cup top filter. Ask for it white and a third of the cup is taken up with condensed milk. You only get a small cup, but thats enough. This stuff is strong, and very sickly. Black coffee is only for the real coffee lovers - and you may wish to dilute it. A refreshing alternative to the white coffee which seems to make it less sickly is to have it iced - literally you get a cup of brewed coffee and a glass of ice, and you mix the two. But be warned... learn to take your coffee black if at all, as drinking white in Vietnam (and much of asia) is an invitation to obesity and diabetes.


25th June 2006

a colorful snack
Ohhhhhhh, how I miss Dragon Fruit! thanks for the pic. Ate if for breakfast in 1999, 2001, 2005. -djt

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