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April 10th 2008
Published: April 20th 2008
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The greatest invention to come from within Vietnam is the open ticket sleeper bus, this way of travelling is a first for us so far, we paid $37 which got us from HCMC to Na Trang, then we will be going on to Hoi An, Hue to finally reaching Hanoi which is many many miles away, hopefully arriving sometime before our visa officially runs out. The bus picked us up from our hotel and each journey was spent laying in the semi or full supine position next to a breezy window, our first bus ran out of petrol up a hill some 5 miles away from the town, we had to bunk on some other passing bus.

Nha Trang is one long golden beach and the same temperature all day, every day. I lost my voice completely. Silence prevailed most of my time here. I managed a squeak once and that hurt like hell. After 3 days of trying to rest I gave up with the beaches as I couldn't deal with the constant hassles, because it hurt me to say 'go away, no not today, I already have one’. I gave up walking any great or small distance and hid beneath the Air Conditioning in our much desired cold hotel room as its now pushing 35 degrees outside.

I had my best dress remade here, it was a classic £9.99 Sainsbury's TU own brand from the summer season 2005 collection. The chief copier had her tape measure poised, she closed one eye like an artist stood behind her easel, on tip toes she struggled to reach up or get round them on her own, she lassoed her tape measure, her assistant grabbed the tape from behind, when they both looked at my measurements they synchronised a loud 'Ohhh'. I have them know most ladies worldwide would kill for my naturalness and pay small fortunes just to achieve the same Ooohness. The Vietnamese are genius at copying not only clothing, DVDS but also bestselling novels are sold with half the page of one best seller at the top and half the page of another book entirely at the bottom.

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Phuc Think our hotel namePhuc Think our hotel name
Phuc Think our hotel name

Which is what I tried to do the whole time.
The man I bought my books fromThe man I bought my books from
The man I bought my books from

Still waering his moto helmet
Same Same BUT DifferentSame Same BUT Different
Same Same BUT Different

everywhere....same same......

20th April 2008

dressing up
do you travel with your photo albums Claire???? Is that the dress you made, the pink one, show us the finished article, or am I blogged out and missed it. Come home soon, my eyes are watering...Luv ya PS: Am back from travels in Europe, I am not made for staying with people, need independence, what about you? Keep on trukkin....
20th April 2008

Hidden Cotswolds
For all those intrepid travellers who do make it to England and want a quaint experience without tourists go find the best kept secret in the Cotswolds when you have tired of so much beauty and - find more beauty, great pub (http://thefivealls.co.uk/)- heavenly walks, on the flat! Working woollen mill with loads of gift ideas, but most of all stay in the comfy beds at the Five alls and sample their gastronomic, locally sourced meats, veggies, cheeses and beers! You won't be disappointed. Village of the Year in Oxforshire.....
20th April 2008

Have watched, as you know, your progress for some time. Always in awe. Do you think Australia next? Or is that maybe too cramped a little continent? If you are going there, maybe they should be warned ahead!
27th April 2008

Tell me more....
Hi Claire, I loved the quiz show answers. It is a hoot to watch the tourists here in Cusco being led like sheep around the square and being accosted by the postcard or finger puppet or shoeshine or whatever boy. I want to know more about the ´sleeper bus´as a way to go from Hoi An to hue to Hanoi. We will be doing the reverse route but if it is comfy and air con then it will be better than airport hassles. Love, Gunga PS Hope you are feeling better soon.
9th May 2008

phuc thinking
Missing you Clairey. Been storing up the blogs for one long session of travel bliss. You never let me down!!! Recommended read - All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, but be warned, mankind doesn't come out well. XXXXXXColette

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