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March 17th 2008
Published: March 18th 2008
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French FireplaceFrench FireplaceFrench Fireplace

All that is left of this French home is the concrete floor and fireplace.
Ba Na Hill Station and Hai Van Pass

Two of my goals while in Danang were to visit the Ba Na Hill Station and Hai Van Pass. Ba Na was founded in 1919 by the French Colonial Government. It was suppose to be the “Dalat of Danang.” The reason: It is cool. When it is 36 degrees C on the coast it might be between 15 and 26 degrees C at Mt. Ba Na.

To accomplish their goal of a pleasant retreat they had to construct a road to the top. They did and today it is a very good, well maintained road. Until WWII the French were carried the last 20 km by sedan chair.

The developed around 200 odd villas at the station before WWII and then the Viet Minh put a stop to their fun. Today, only a few remains are left of the villas. The only thing that survived is a French Wine Cellar. It is worth the admission price they charge to tour the cellar and you get two samples of wine at the end of the tour. Touch the walls and you will be surprised how cool they are!!

The Vietnamese are trying to revive the hill station as a resort area. There has been considerable construction done at the station. Some of it is kind of funky architecture but

If you go there and spend the night be prepared to listen to karaoke music. A word of caution. You best sign up with legitimate tour group to go to Ba Na. I tried to go by motorbike and they will not let you enter the park. I ended up having to rent a minibus to the top. You are better off starting in a minibus in Danang.

The have a museum for the Ba Na area. I went to the building marked Ba Na Museum. The lady told me it wasn’t there but across the street. I went across the street and the lady said it was down the street. I went down the street and the lady took me to the original place I started which was the museum. Sometimes I have days like that.

Then the museum was not very good. I wanted to see a lot of photos of how it was in its prime. They had very little artifacts or photos of
Catholic ChurchCatholic ChurchCatholic Church

On the way to Ba Na I saw this beautiful Church
that. It is like Booker Hill Station in Cambodia. I challenge anyone to find a photo of it in its prime.

Going to Hai Van Pass is an incredibly beautiful journey. Although, after Ba Na it was sort of more of the same. Unfortunately on my bike trip two years ago I did the puny biker thing and opted to put my bike on a bus and go through the tunnel. I should have gutted it out and walked my bike up the mountain. The tunnel saves you one hour from Danang to Hue. You miss one of the most scenic roads in Vietnam.

Only thing bad about the trip is when you get to the top you are attacked by souvenir sellers. Again, you are better off on an organized tour.

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Making a bamboo matMaking a bamboo mat
Making a bamboo mat

When I came back about an hour later they only progressed about three feet.
Ba NaBa Na
Ba Na

Don't go in the morning. Too much mist and fog to see anything.
Photo OpPhoto Op
Photo Op

Did they have elephants on this mountain. What is the purpose of this?

3rd March 2010

ba na hill is best attraction place. i there during my team work join da nang xpo since 1-5feb2010. once there will never forget and only1 there like one family.
19th February 2011

stationed @ hai van pass 67-68
Hello, i was stationed @ hai van pass in 67-68 with the usmc on hill 724, that would be the one on the east or ocean side of the village. Doesn't appear to be anything on the mountain top anymore but i remember the bunkers & the village. The hwy was one lane but now i see it has been widened to two lane, i think the army did this not to long after i left. Ialso see from my surfing the internet that they have now built a tunnel thru the mtns. Enjoyed the pictures & i would love to visit there myself. SEMPER FI
13th March 2011

Larry, You should go to Vietnam. With your experience, you would have a good time. I think you would be amazed how much Vietnam has changed and is changing every day. Yet, you go out in the country and it is much the same. I leave for VN the 16th for a month. Not long enough but I have to return anyway. Yours, Kent
8th July 2011

ba na restaurant
ba na is a very beautifull place to visit but .... the shame is the restaurants ! the menu is very poor , the service very bad , and the food ... the personnal don't take care about customer , the chef don't want to cook and the best is the bill who's expansive for a poor and bad dinner
25th October 2012

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