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November 8th 2009
Published: November 8th 2009
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The worlds most awesome busThe worlds most awesome busThe worlds most awesome bus

Mick relaxing on the sleeper bus.
That's Vietnamese for 'how much is this?' which by the way I have no idea how to pronounce, and which also is fairly irrelevant cos I already know the answer will be 'cheap, very cheap'

So we’re currently in Mui Ne, about 200kms north east of hcmc. Let me just get back to the ‘awesome’ bus again if I may…. I tell ya, that was seriously the most comfortable mode of transportation ever. The ‘sleeper bus’ as they’re called, well they didn’t have air con, but the windows opened so that was okay, are simply the best! Mick slept for just about the entire 4 hour journey while I got to spread out with my laptop and text books all over my bed. We were originally going to go by train with the assumption that it would be safer than the buses (after witnessing the mad traffic) but we couldn’t be bothered looking for the train station and the bus stop was handy to the hotel. As it turns out, the sleeper bus cost us $7.50 each and the train would have cost $50 each, what a saving!! (believe me, that’s an exciting thing for a tight arse) and they
Fishing BoatsFishing BoatsFishing Boats

The fishing village at Mui Ne
were very big on safety on the bus.... it was a 4 hour trip, and we changed drivers at the 2 hour mark so that the original driver could then roll out a mattress into the eisle and sleep like a baby for the next 2 hours, very respectable dont you think? none of this one guy driving for the whole 4 hours rubbish. Okay enough about the bus.

We’re at our resort in a sweeeeet beach side bungalow. We have a porch on the very edge of the sand and staff waiting on our every need. The buffet breakfast this morning kept us going til late this arvo before requiring anything further to eat. They had heaps to choose from, no hot dog spaghetti, but I suppose I can manage without that for a few days.
We decided to fill in our day by taking a moped tour to the red and white sand dunes, something that mui ne is apparently famous for. The 4 hr return moped ride was fun but sliding down the sand dunes on a bit of plastic was even more fun. Being something we’d never done before, we were keen to give it
traffic obstaclestraffic obstaclestraffic obstacles

A cow ran out in front of the moped I was on. Mick took this photo from his moped, who incidentally was never allowed to overtake my bike...my guy musta been the boss.
a whirl. Mick threw himself down the sand hill first (always make someone else go first) and assured me it wasn’t scary. I took his word for it and let myself be thrown over the edge by our 8 year old guide. I squealed like a damn 8 year old myself all the way to the bottom, scared the crap outta me, but a couple more goes and I was throwing myself off like a pro sand surfer no worries at all. Mick got the hang of it quick and was doing running dives and fancy manouvers in his typical show off style.
The dunes were bigger than we thought and fairly impressive, but try getting the sand off ya when you’re sweating your butt off and covered in sunscreen….that shit sticks!! Oh and speaking of sunscreen…. Here’s a tip; when you’re on the back of a bike for 4 hours and walking through hot sand dunes (aka desert) sunscreen does not work! Hence why we now look like lobsters….such a good look.
So about to go for a swim and pray that the chlorine doesn’t make the burns sting worse (you ever burnt the top of your feet?? yikes

This is our 8 year old guide pushing mick off the edge....
that hurts) gonna have a cruisy day tomorrow just lazing around the resort before taking another tour on Monday.
I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and getting some sunshine of your own (just not as much sun as me) talk soon xx

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Mick on his debut sand surfing run

holy crap, i'm probably screaming like a girl right about now....
still arrrrggghhhhhstill arrrrggghhhhh
still arrrrggghhhhh

mental note; smile for the camera, act like you're not freaking out
the strange things they dothe strange things they do
the strange things they do

This is our 8 year old guide trying to get the 'cool' sand from deeper down so that we dont burn ourselves. Very thoughtful, but not sure its neccessary for him to dig to china???
rambo turns bikierambo turns bikie
rambo turns bikie

Mick said to make mention that he is again participating in Movember and didnt just grow the mo for this particular bikie pic
desert stormdesert storm
desert storm

These are the 'red' dunes as opposed to the 'white' dunes of a similar colour.....
sunny beach resortsunny beach resort
sunny beach resort

our bungalow by the sea.

8th November 2009

Nice Bungalow
fancy surfing sand who ever thought that might be fun. Where is the photo of the lobsters my dears Love Mum XX

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