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March 29th 2008
Published: April 8th 2008
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Escapr from A1 HillEscapr from A1 HillEscapr from A1 Hill

Locked in, so we just had to Escape.
We both rose bright and early today feeling much refreshed after a good nights sleep. First order of the day was to go back to the bus station to arrange transport to Sapa tomorow. This turned out to be an easy chore and was completed with no hassles all we had to do was say where we were we wanted to go and hand over the money 250,000D for both of us nd we were booked on a bus to Sapa tomorow morning that is leaving at 6.00am. Bus tickets in hand it was time to go and get some breakfast, so being the creatures of habbit that we are we head back to the same restaurant where we had dinner last night. This time we had less problems as we could have a bowl of pho. It was a great bowl of nodles with some pork and plenty of fresh herbs and fresh lime juice.

After breakfast with the day to explore we decided to head to A1 Hill the site of the battle that saw the French expelled from Vietnam and Indochina. It was a sombre place. The hill that served as the French Garrison was a
Propaganda PosterPropaganda PosterPropaganda Poster

These are everywhere - just letting the people know things are alright?
maze of trenches and bunkers with one huge bomb crater. It must have been hell on earth to have to have served there. Little did we know that before long we would have to make good our escape from A1 Hill. The site closes from 11.30am to 1.30pm for lunch and this came while we were exploring. When we got to the gate to leave we found that it had been padlocked shut with us on the inside. Nothing for it but to climb the fence to get out.

By 12.00 the heat was getting damn inpressive and we decided that it was time to go and have a cool drink so we found a street vendor and got a few drinks and some fresh dragon fruit to eat. Very good and refreshing.

After lunch we continued to explore the wartime history of the town. We crossed the river and found one of the bunkers of one of the French commanders as well as a small French War Memorial. So much talk of war and fighting combined with the heat was starting to get to us so we heases back into town where we found a small cafe to have some more cool drinks. we also found a great little street stall selling deep fries dough dumplings stuffed with a sweet bean paste a good way to restore our energy.

We continued our walk back into town and decided to go back to the hotel to get out of the heat for a few hours as we were both beginning to get a bit too much sun.

Before long it was time to venture out again and get some dinner, another bowl of soup, and a few more beers. After dinner it was back to the hotel again to pack and get ready for another early day tomorow.

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Street LightsStreet Lights
Street Lights

Have to see this to believe it. These lights run for miles - multi colourded and chasing - maybe an idea for Oxford street.

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