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June 21st 2009
Published: June 22nd 2009
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We pulled up Saturday morning to our private beach in Ha Long Bay. As you can see, it was really lovely.

It was also really really minimalist.

For sleeping accommodation, you had a choice of tent, tarp spread over a hard board, or hammock. All were equipped with mosquito netting, but that was about it.

On the island, there was little to do but swim and bake in the sun, but there were water-sports such as wake-boarding and tubing, and they even offered rock-climbing.

After a sleepless night before, I just hitched a ride in the speedboat and laughed at the boarders and tubers getting thrown about and face-planting in the water, all the while enjoying the scenery.

Since I'm not huge on sunbathing (who wants more wrinkles?), I wandered around the beach watching the gigantic butterflies flitter about, then collected shells and corals to photograph.

When dusk fell, the mosquitoes rose. You could not walk with a flashlight without being bombarded by tiny moths and followed by other, more sinister things.

When I finally crawled onto the mat on my hard board under the tarp and mosquito net, I realized that I was laying at an angle, with my right side downhill and my left side uphill. I spent most of the rest of the night trying not to roll over on top of the German girl sleeping next to me. Oh, and sweating. It did not cool off that night, and the tarp managed to block out any relieving breeze that might have made its way into the cove.

These pictures are going to make it look like absolute paradise; and it might have been if we'd been whisked away to a place with a generator and some pillows.

Still, it was an experience. I hate to complain so much, but two days later my back is still sore!

Getting old sucks...

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23rd June 2009

Nice legs!
24th June 2009

Nice Legs?
Why thank you, I grew them myself!
6th August 2009

Nice beach!
Is this trip to the private beach a part of the 'Ha Long Bay Rock Long Rock Hard' tour?

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