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April 20th 2009
Published: April 24th 2009
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[youtube=bVuCONcWIp4][youtube=6pSAJYvQx8Y]We were up bright and early again this morning. We were down in front of the travel agency by 7:15am. Again this morning there were a bunch of busses lined up outside. Problem was we didn't know which one was ours. We kept getting sent up and down the street. Now it was fifteen minutes past when we were supposed to leave and we still had no idea. Eventually we found our bus. Thank goodness. We would have had a cow if we missed the trip after everything. The bus was even smaller! I had absolutely no leg room. Our tour guide was pretty annoying this time. My trip would have been more enjoyable if it weren't for him. He took us to just certain places and gave us "his" tour of the place and then we got back on the boat. I wanted to kick him into the Delta and continue on without him.

The first place we went to they showed us how they made coconut candy. It's all fresh coconut and no sugar or colors added. It was soo delicious, and i even hate the taste of coconut. They also showed us how they make the rice paper and the popped rice. We got little samples of everything, SO yummy!

When we were getting to the lunch spot. We got off the boat and walked through the 'jungle' for a while. It wasn't really jungle, but we walked down a dirt path through the forest. It was so hot and muggy out and you could hear all the insects and birds around you. It was pretty amazing. Luckily i only saw one spider the whole time, and it wasn't much bigger than the ones I saw at the river, so I just pretended I didn't see and kept walking into the forest ha For lunch We had some rice and veggies and spring rolls...DELISH! And an Elephant fish. which looks like like they caught the fish threw it in a deep frier whole and then put it on a plate for us haha This is where we met Jay and Per. Two fellow travelers both traveling solo. Jay we like to refer to as the Colonel. Cause he looked like the KFC guy! haha And Per was a friendly German on holiday for a while. They were a hoot together! We ended up hanging around with them for the rest of the day.

The Day ended at the floating hotel. We got there after dark. It was on the river and could have been construed as sketchy, but it definitely wasn't. The people who worked there were all so nice and friendly. They even let us go on their internet. When we walked to our room, seeing the dark murky water to the right of us was a little creepy. I opened the door and because it scraped against the floor funny it made a noise and i jumped and screamed( like a girl) a little. So she freaked out too. We both just looked at each other and backed away from the door haha We thought it was an animal or really big bug or something. But just the door scraping the floor. Although we did have mosquito nets over our beds to keep the bugs out...or the ones that were already there IN.... We sat our stuff down and headed upstairs for some food and drinks overlooking the river and lights on the houses all around us. I polished off a bottle of wine and some rice...the rice was to soak up the wine and the wine was to make me sleep without freaking out about the bugs! haha Self-medication at it's finest :-D We sat there and talked until I don't even know when. Talking about traveling and the war, our countries, the people we meet. It was fun. Me and Leslie were the only girls, but it was ok. I love the double takes people take when I inform them I'm married. "How old are you? 20? Wow, so young! Congrats" haha

We went to bed, with nothing but the oscillating fan to cool us down from the hot muggy weather (even at night). The next day would be our boat ride to Phnom Penh across the border into Cambodia. We had very little room for error that day. we had to get there and get up to Siem Reap quickly, because transportation doesn't run after dark because its dangerous. Laying in bed that night, sweating my butt off (and not showering because I just didn't care), I realized that this was exactly the trip I had always wanted to take. We had two days left and I couldn't wait to see what was held in store for us!

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We wondered who put taht sign up, and if the people know what it says.

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