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July 6th 2011
Published: August 3rd 2011
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Our first visit into Tin Tin Cafe, was on Wednesday July 6th after the Crazy House and a bit of walking through Da Lat. We had decided to find a nice cafe, sip on coffee and eat dessert because neither of us was truly hungry. Walking into the restaurant we found it deserted usually a bad sign but we decided to give it a shot. Perusing the menu we both ordered ice cream sundaes, Shauna went with coconut and I went taro. Both of us ordered coffee. The sundaes came in these neat lotus glass dishes. The sundae consisted of three scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts, fruit shavings, cylinder cookie and topped with a cherry. They were the perfect looking sundae. Digging into the ice cream I was instantly surprised at the delicious taste. Shauna didn't talk for at least five minutes as she savored every bite. Once our first cup of 3-ounce coffee was gone, we both ordered a rhum and coffee night cap. On this night we decided this was a good place to come for breakfast and inquired when they opened. Cafe hours 6 am until 10 pm. Smiling we thanked the good folks at Tin Tin Cafe.

The following morning before we took off for our canyoning trip, we stopped back into the cafe. This time the place was packed full of people at 7:35 am. Unfortunately, our table and the upper balcony were occupied by Vietnamese customers. This is when we learned they had a second balcony downstairs. Smiling we were seated there. Since we looked over the menu the previous night we both had an idea on what we wanted for breakfast.
This morning we both ordered strawberry pancakes and two rhum coffees. The amount of rhum portioned into the cup of 3-ounce coffee had to be at least 2-ounces as well. They were strong and delicious, in the morning, noon or night. Our breakfast arrived with a baguette (everything is served with a baguette) about fifteen minutes later. We ate hungrily but found the strawberry jam inside to be a bit overwhelming. Both of us were hoping for fresh strawberries because this area of the country is famous for growing strawberries. Even though this was an extremely sweet pancake (after the first one I scooped out the jam inside) the portion was good sized. On one plate there were three 10-inch

Cherry, peanuts, cookie, taro ice cream and chocolate sauce
crepes folded into triangles with the fruit inside. It was served with a small scoop of whipping cream.

Our last visit to Tin Tin, was on Friday morning before our first day of Easy Riding. Because of the pancake episode the day before we both decided to go for a bit heartier meal by ordering two things each. I ordered vegetable spring rolls, a Spanish omelet and a cup of coffee. Shauna ordered a Spanish omelet, vegetable soup and a cup of coffee. When the omelets arrived on the table we couldn't believe the size and amount of toppings on the thing. We were extremely happy and slightly disappointed since we had ordered a second dish. Either way the omelet tasted fantastic. Served open faced it had sliced ham, tomato, green pepper, onion, mushroom, spinach and a baguette. Both of us were truly satisfied when my spring rolls arrived. The previous day I had ordered spring rolls someplace and received four miniature pieces. Today, I received a huge piping hot plate full. There must have been at least twenty-five bite sized pork with vegetable spring rolls with mustard dipping sauce. Shauna seeing the amount I received said she probably
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didn't need the soup had we known the portion size. Sitting back we wanted to cancel her soup order because the clock slowly ticked forward to the time we were suppose to be ready at the hotel for our easy riders trip. Five minutes went by as I gobbled down on spring rolls. Then eight minutes. Shauna looked nervous and twice said, "would it be bad if I told them I didn't want it anymore?" "Yes. They are probably down there cooking it from scratch right now." It was true. The soup turned out to be peas, carrots and mushrooms in a cream broth. She ate about six spoonfuls before we paid and left.

Overall, if you are ever in Da Lat, and looking for a good place to eat with fair prices, a nice staff, comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. Then drop by Tin Tin Cafe. I highly recommend the Spring Rolls, Taro Ice Cream, Rhum Coffee and Spanish Omelet.

Tin Tin Cafe
50 Nguyen Chi Thanh
Da Lat, Vietnam

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