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July 13th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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After having left the mainly depressing, poor and wild Karakalpakstan, I went on to explore the rich historical heritage of Uzbekistan and joined the other tourists who come from all over the world to see what's left and to get an impression of past glory. My first stop was Khiva, a nearly totally preserved capital of a once mighty emirate. The soviets turned it into an open air museum and it is,... Read Full Entry

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Sharif, who'll become my third grandfatherSharif, who'll become my third grandfather
Sharif, who'll become my third grandfather

but at this time we both don't know it yet :-)
me playing trumpetme playing trumpet
me playing trumpet

outside, where nobody heard my fruitless blowing
at the end of the eveningat the end of the evening
at the end of the evening

all dancing stars lined up :-)
on the bazaar in Urguton the bazaar in Urgut
on the bazaar in Urgut

great Bazaar in the border town of Urgut
next to Yarinnext to Yarin
next to Yarin

crossing the bridge to the small Tajik village
the familythe family
the family

that's where I was adopted by Grandma :-)
the miller of the townthe miller of the town
the miller of the town

next to his water driven mill
taking a bathtaking a bath
taking a bath

this led to big problems....but on the picture I was still happy...
My third grandmotherMy third grandmother
My third grandmother

She happily adopted me as 41st grandchild
my host...
my host...

served twn years in Afghanistan and is presented as hero next to the town hall
our bus...our bus...
our bus...

the first and last one I took in Tajikistan (without the city buses in Dushanbe)

7th August 2007

explore the unknow world
Hi, dear Matthias, happy to see your new steps! there must be a lot of stories along your trip, would like to spend time to share them with you! Adopt by the grandmothers, sounds very interesting, hehe and what is the problem after the bath? hehe I think you can write a attractive book after your trip, just like the funder of LP, Toni and Maureen! hehe
8th August 2007

And what happens next???? I wait the end of the story fast. Hehe. Perhaps with pictures of you dancing for wedding of other people. A good job I suppose in these far landscapes. (sorry my english is rusty this evening as usual in fact).
15th August 2007

hey dude
Hi dear friend, I never post comments here but I read your blog religiously (as religiously as my unbeliever genes allow me to). You are an inspiration and I hope our paths will meet again... hopefully in less than 3 years! Enjoy, and keep us posted...
3rd March 2008

great photos
Absolutely great, beautiful photos, compliments!
26th March 2008

Hi, very interesting experiences you had. I am living in Uzbekistan for about two months now as an echange student, but it seems I have experienced a lot less than you. Good luck in your travels, I will keep an eye on your blog :)
11th April 2012

about History
Thanks for sharing the trip.....just like to say few things regarding Alexander the great,,,,the attrocities attributed to him are incorrect part of History,,,,,suggest reading from reliable sources. no offence thanx

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