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January 29th 2010
Published: January 30th 2010
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We spent the last few days in/on Phuket, a major island tourist destination in the southwest part of Thailand. This is the busiest time of the year so it was packed with vacationing tourists from all over. It could have been any commercialized tourist area in the world except for the million Thai massage parlours that lined every street along with the women all competing to get you to enter the front door.

Both of us are still nursing sunburns picked up in Sanya and it was 6 or 8 degrees cooler there. We have burned off our first layer of skin and are now trying to be careful so that the second layer remains intact. Since we stepped off the plane in Thailand, it has been hot, hot, hot. As was predicted, our little bag of shorts and T-shirts has been fine.

The beaches were beautiful but way too crowded for my liking. I have never been one to enjoy any beach that has a highway of umbrellas as far as the eye can see. And Karon Beach, the area we stayed in, only had them stacked two deep. The next beach down the way had a depth of five umbrellas. Having said all this, once you got through to the beach, there was lots of space and the water was incredibly clear and warm. According to all the brochures we had, nudity on the beaches was supposed to be a no no, but that didn't stop anyone who was so inclined. And in all fairness, it would have been better for everyone's eyes if most of the tops had stayed on.

We escaped the craziness of the beach areas by renting a scooter and heading out of town. At a rate of 300 baht a day (about 10 bucks), it was pretty cheap entertainment and allowed us to see a lot more of the island. Elephant trekking is a big thing all over Thailand and there were elephant crossing signs in several places. During our five or six hours on the scooter we ran across three groups of the cute little guys.

So, we are now on day five of our Thailand jaunt, sitting in 32 degree sunshine on Lanta Island, a three hour trip across open ocean fron Phuket. We wanted to experience the other, slower side of Thai island life. I am enjoying the local beers, Nancy is checking out all the fruity stuff. She says you're not on vacation unless you are drinking out of a fruit.

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30th January 2010

So guys......when will you see Skylar? Please post pictures and enjoy your time in Mae Sot!
30th January 2010

Sometime next week...
We'll be heading north to Mae Sot in the next few days by train and bus, stopping here and there along the way.

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