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July 20th 2008
Published: July 26th 2008
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I survived the world's biggest beach party! It was a blast! I didn't end up stumbling back to my bungalow until 7-8am.
I met Catherine (Quebec) on the bus from Bangkok and ended up joining her to Ko Phan Ngan, where many flock each month for the renouned Full Moon Party. We decided to try to find a place near Haadrin beach even though we were told that everything was full.

After the overnight bus and the ferry, we piled into a truck taxi which was packed with 18 people. They were playing some kind of musical chairs and as the first woman driver got out, and then another woman drove another minute before stopping and a man jumped in. When we were finally on our way, we were unable to make it up the trecherous hills. The old truck just couldn't do it with all of us, and our packs, and we had to bail a few times to make it up the hills. It was really quite hilarious. When we finally arrived to Haadrin we braved the midday heat and set out in search of a place with our backpacks. After about 2 hours of no luck, we found a place on top of the hill overlooking the beach where the party is! The view from our bungalow was great, and we got a pretty good deal---great luck!

We spent the next few days lazing on the beach and drinking fruit smoothies with cheap Thai rum, playing drinking games at night, and snorkelling in between. Life is fabulous. Catherine is great company, and we met many cool people to party with.

The full moon party was huge- thousands of people on a beach drinking cheap buckets. Everyone was painted with glow in the dark paint, and there was fire shows everywhere. I danced the night away in the rain, and ended up losing my group half way through the night, and just mingled with many friendly partiers. I met a ton of people and had a great time.

While walking home in the morning--without shoes, as my flip flops were lost on one of my mid-party swims, I met this young guy who had these brand new shoes and I asked if I could put them on...not sure why he let me as I was completely covered in sand and water, but I got some cool shots that show just how much fun I was having.

I also saw a motorbike crash and witnessed an angry British guy yelling at his Thai driver, say that he wasn't going to pay, as he had paid to be taken home, but to be beaten up along the way. While he was bitching, the Thai guy was picking up the British guy's lost bags of chips, and I was asking the Brit if I could have one, but he was too busy complaining, and the Thai guy handed me a bag-- SCORE! This was a happy moment for a drunk who danced the night away and was in need of a snack. HAHA Random, but fun.

Im having a blast here in paradise!


26th July 2008

WOW! This sounds like the best place in the world! Glad to hear you are having an amazing time!! Can't wait to hear about the next adventure! Kristen
27th July 2008

Hi Erin
Hello Erin How are you doing?? after you have sobered up, happy to see you having such a good time. When are you coming home?? we miss you. where are you off to next? when you come home you will have to bring your parents over to see our new home. we are slowly getting settled in. way too much junk. the boys are enjoying their summer holidays, swimming, hiking, biking doing nothing. sounds great doesn't it. you take care talk soon love Mic

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