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April 7th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Last night they got married.

We pick up the story a couple of hours later. A small posse of us headed up to the small shrine above the headland overlooking Than Sadet & Next Door Bay a short while before sunset. Our entourage consisted of The Keepers, Uncle Iain, Deputy (our canine beach security officer), myself of course plus forty thousand gekkos & crickets who were waiting in hiding to perform the chorus at the end of the ceremony. It took me ages to write the guest list I can tell you! Incense & candles were lit, gifts were laid before the effigy of Buddha who sat smiling on a plinth overseeing the occasion.

My orange clad companions settled down cross legged on the floor of the sala & began to chant some kind of ancient ritual verse that I couldn't clearly understand but the whole mood of the event was quite touching. We were asked if we knew of "a lawful imp element" There was talk of "sickness in an elf", " & to "honouring ebay for a bitter old hearse", a reference to worshiping an on-line auction site I believe. Rings were exchanged, followed by moving tributes from all sides which were slowly being drowned out by the ascending crescendo rising from our zillions of tiny arthropodic guests making it known that the sun had set and would soon rise on another chapter in all of our lives.

This was to be our last night on Koh Phangan, it was fitting to end our last day on such a well deserved high note.

Every journey has a dual nature. There’s the journey outwards, travelling to distant lands, encountering different cultures, making new friends and going to places that you’ve never been before. And then there’s the journey inwards, the introvert itinerary that takes you to destinations within yourself, some of which may be familiar, and some of which may also be places you’ve never been before. It’s the mirroring of the outward and the inward journeys that makes travelling through life such a unique and rewarding experience.

As a footnote, a multi million dollar deal has been struck with Hello magazine for the photo rights to this do. Hence my lawyers have advised me to post no piccies on here until the legal wranglings with rival OK Magazine have reached an out of court settlement.

To be continued. . . . Possibly.

Mr M :-)

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15th May 2007

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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