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April 5th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Alternate Version. . . .

Wrongly convicted of the attempted murder of a random tourist during a paragliding accident, a young Swiss based landscape architect named Iain Shaw is sent to Than Sadet Prison for one month. In prison he befriends Mister Munkey, a loveable rogue who is able to smuggle things in from the outside. He asks Mister Munkey for a rock hammer (saying he likes geology). He later asks for a poster. Shortly after that, he befriends the guards by giving them financial advice. The Warden (Fiona) begins to take an interest in him. Iain builds a prison library selling books for 200 baht & helps the warden to do shady financial scams.

One day a newcomer named Emma tells mister Munkey that whilst in prison previously she had talked to an inmate called Theep who said that he'd killed a banker's wife and her boyfriend, but that it had been framed on Iain.

Mister Munkey tries to tell the warden but she's sceptical. The Warden then has Emma shot.

Iain doesn’t want to help the Warden with her scam anymore but the Warden blackmails him into further help by threatening to destroy the library. One morning, Iain is gone. The Guards search his bungalow and eventually find that he'd dug his way out of the wall in the bathroom with the hammer and had hidden the hole with the poster. This feat took Iain nearly 2 weeks.

Iain then takes the money accumulated from the scam (a waiters’ salary for 2 years) and leaves town. The police attempt to arrest the Warden who pays them off with 20 baht.

Mister Munkey passes his parole board and reunites with Iain in a town called Strasbourg, where they listen to the obligatory Bob Dylan music.

But thats another story. . . . .

Mr M ;-)


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