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November 14th 2014
Published: November 16th 2014
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Turtles at the Maesot marketTurtles at the Maesot marketTurtles at the Maesot market

I don't think these are being sold for pets
After a brief tour of the Maesot market and general layout of the town we made our way back to Future Light this morning. Our plan this morning is to review all the potential projects and select those that we can afford to pay for this year and those that will be of most benefit. After a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of each project we narrowed it down to 4 listed in priority order. 1) Repair the floor in the main activity room of the school which was heavily damaged by the 2013 flood. 2) Repair the damage to the main supports of the shower room building and the toilet buildings 3) Build a new structure to be used as a study room/library for doing homework and activities 4) Purchase a used pick up truck for transportation.

We also decided to immediately begin with Project #1 today. After lunch in the FL kitchen with the staff and pre-school children, we left the property to go shopping at the new Mega Home building supply store. The first order of business was to equip FL with a complete set of basic power and other hand tools which were lost in the flood. After a few hours at the Mega store we purchased all we needed for the 1250 square foot floor repair job. The work consists of a complete new layer of concrete to cover the old floor. Materials require are: 20 cubic yards of sand, 32 bags of portland cement, 1250 sf of ceramic tiles, 16 bags of thin set, 10 bags of grout. In order to purchase product from the Mega Home store Goin signed up as a member. Fortunately, the store accepted my VISA card as I exceeded my daily withdrawal limit for cash by a significant amount. The good news was that free delivery was included and all materials would be delivered later today. Work on the floor project could then start tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 15) morning. We are launched!

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Flood High Water MarkFlood High Water Mark
Flood High Water Mark

This is the level of the water during the November 2013 flood. The water receded after 2 weeks leaving about 1 foot of mud inside all of the buildings and destroying all personal belongings. Goin, his Burmese staff and the children cleaned up after the flood themselves.
Meg Home shopping tripMeg Home shopping trip
Meg Home shopping trip

Goin is selecting the ceramic tile. Required 1250 square feet of 113 boxes in total. Delivery scheduled for today!
Mega Home delivery truckMega Home delivery truck
Mega Home delivery truck

All materials for tiling job delivered on one truck. sand and portland cement being delivered separately.

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