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June 25th 2011
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In Canada, people complain it is too hot when the temperature is 29 degrees; in Thailand people complain it is too cold when the temperature is 29 degrees.

When i got to school today i was sweating, was wet from the rain and told the students I was hot. Mind you half the students were wearing sweaters over their uniforms, and then after they turned the fan on, some students said they were cold.
ahahahahahahahhahahaha I LAUGHED SO HARD and then ripped the skirt I just bought. I think that falls under the Karma category

It was also a special day for me for a couple reasons:
One it was the last day of my first week, ie I made it through a week.
even though i have have been terrible at assimilating into the thai culture so far.
(ate a bacon cheeseburger the other day with fries; bought a bunch of chocolate and junk food with the other girls last night; had a croissant this morning for breakfast)

Two: i had a great lesson with the students, i think.

three: they put their traditional burmese thanaka face paint on my face 😊. It was so exciting! Many of the students sat around while I had it done, and after a little boy said " Teacher, very beautiful"

Thanaka, is made from a tree. It is ground up and creates a powdery yellow substance and when you mix it with water, it can be put on the face.
The boys and girls both wear it, men and women. It is a natural face protectant, sunscreen but they consider it more like makeup and think it makes them beautiful. It is beautiful.

Yesterday night it was raining like a lot, and after getting some delicious shrimp pad thai from the night market ( only 35 bht= 1 dollar) barbara and I played Cane ball in the rain. I threw a bucket of water on her head and then we played in the rain for like 30 minutes.
I was laughing so hard, it felt so good to have the rain come down in such a warm temperature.
it has been raining no stop ( honestly) all day today. The head master of my school Pho Cho, told me that in southern Thailand and Burma there is a typhoon kind of thing going on, so the rain is expected to continue.

okay its the next day roughly 131 pm, and it has not stopped raining, like downpooring. Our down stairs is almost flooded but no worries its a different kind of outside, nothign will get ruined.

Sorry i havent uploaded any photos , i don't have a camera and my mom hasnt responded to my emails in like 5 days.. come on Gin Dawg..
Just kidding love you.

Thanks everyone for sending my messages and stuff I really appreciate eharing from you all.

I am going tow ash my hair, it smells



25th June 2011

Dear Katie, I am enjoying following your adventures in Thailand. I think you are very adventurous and brave...good for you! It sounds like you are having lots of fun despite thinking you are not "assimilating". You've only been there a couple of weeks. I'm sure it will take time to adjust to living in a country where everything is so different from home. How does Matilda like it there? Have you learned to speak a few words of Thai? Keep the updates coming; they make great reading. Have fun and stay safe, Jan
25th June 2011

This makes me smile.
This sounds like the little girl I have known and loved for almost 21 years. I told someone at school the other day that of all of my children , you are the one who remains chidlike not childish) in nature. this is a beautiful characteristic and in this piece of writing the child love of pouring rain is evident. It will warm your heart on days of sadness and warm the heart of strangers and friends on days when the sun is shining inside your soul. love mom

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