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August 1st 2008
Published: August 20th 2008
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In case you may have missed an email blast from my traveling, or joined in after I left my home state, I wanted y'all to know I now have a blog site. I started it in India and have finally completed it. Well, okay, it's nowhere near complete, but it does have all the text emails I have sent out in the past year and 10 months (almost) since I started out on this verylongtriparoundtheworld.


One of these days I will be adding photos and maps and hopefully be keeping it up to date. Believe me, this takes so much time and effort, so when I get times like this, currently, when I am traveling alone and have WIFI access, I have no excuses but to get on line and plug away.

Many of you ask where I am headed next. I always have a rough idea, which of course changes daily, but for now I'll let you know what is on my mind.

Just so everyone is clear, I am in currently in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, and after a few more weeks of exploring the mountainous north west, I'll head back to Bangkok, obtain a visa for Myanmar, and on the 22nd of August, a friend and I will fly one country to the west and travel for a month. Then it is all about some Thai beach time, before hitting the trail again, exploring northern Laos, Vietnam (north to south), Cambodia, back into Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The only countries I have yet to explore are Myanmar and Vietnam.

No doubt there will be some discussion with Mother Nature along the way and my travel plans will get all screwed up, but for now, this is the plan. HODR has a way of doing that to me. :-)

I know, I have to "finish up" South East Asia once and for all, and most likely by early summer 2009 I will have done what I can (for now) and head west via Trans-Mongolian Railway, through China, staying at least a month in Mongolia, Russia and then head south into Eastern Europe.

That's all I know for now.

Don't forget to check out my blog site and comment if you dare!


17th April 2016

Glad you enjoyed Chiang Mai...
I lived there from 1974-75 and thought it was paradise. Like you, I also didn't like India for all the reasons you listed in your previous blog. You mention taking pictures and posting them...now is the time!
8th November 2016

I wouldn't say (at least in hindsight) that I don't or didn't like India, it's just a tough, full-on, never-stop country and that can be especially difficult for a solo traveler who likes her alone time on occasion. I would enjoy going back, but I'd like to go with a friend, a fellow traveler and be able to share experiences with that person in real time. That's all.

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