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March 19th 2013
Published: March 27th 2013
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So we signed up for a 2 day jungle trek without realising we had booked ‘hard trekking’, of course we had…

1 night in the jungle, a 10 mile up mountain walk, white water rafting, elephant riding, zip wiring through the forrest, a waterfall, a jungle tribe, bamboo rafting and bathing elephants all in 2 jam packed days.. The first day was probably one of the worst days of my life and the second was one of the best!!

DAY 1: We got picked up at 9am and taken to a butterfly farm before heading to the market for supplies and then after a quick drive through the mountains and nearly driving off we were dropped off and set off on our trek!! From 10am - 4pm we walked using a bamboo stick to stop us from falling. It was horrific! That is the only word I can use and there were moments I thought I was genuinely going to die.

We walked down hill avoiding burning trees, snakes and falling rocks and then up hill which felt like forever, it was horrendous. 2 of our group got a car half way up but we thought we would go on, only to soon wish we had gone with them and to be told that once you have started you had to finish, although there were times I really thought I wouldn’t be able to and mountain rescue would have to come and recover my dead body!
Although, when we finally did arrive at the camp (a tribal village consisting of around 5 bamboo huts and a campfire) I was so glad that I had done it and we were all feeling pretty proud of ourselves. We stayed with a long neck tribe overnight and had a barbeque around a camp fire before sleeping in a bamboo hut wrapped up in mosquito nets.

DAY 2: Scrambled egg for breakfast before a short 1 hour trek to civilisation (well a road anyway) and we were then picked up and taken to a elephant camp. We spent an hour or so zip wiring through the jungle which was terrifying but amazing and then went riding on an elephant, equally terrifying - it was very bumpy! After lunch we went and bathed some elephants in the river which was really good and rid them in the water before going bamboo rafting. We then went white water rafting before heading to a waterfall for a quick dip.

We got back to the hostel, showered and straight out. Just what I needed after 2 hard days in the jungle.. Jacket potatoe with chille and cheese and a few frozen margaritas. Of course this was followed by a very messy night out on the buckets.. We deserved it after all!!


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