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November 9th 2012
Published: November 9th 2012
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Me nerding out in BangkokMe nerding out in BangkokMe nerding out in Bangkok thing for me. I found One Piece Green Tea at the local 7-Eleven. For those of you who don't know, One Piece is an extreme popular anime here in Asia. It's about pirates...anyways I got to have my anime nerd moment and have decided to try every type. Each green tea has a different flavor and a different character from the show. So Barley and Roronoa Zoro!
Good Morning!

I have arrived in Chiangmai. Yesterday I had the Thailand orientation and everyone arrived safe and sound. At the orientation we went over the syllabus and assignments and etc. We had a brief overview of Thailand's history and our first Thia language class, which was amazing! We then had to go to the hospital and register (just in case.) And we got to meet our coordinator P. Mink (P. means Miss, Mrs., or Mr. it's a polite and respectful word. Kind of like -san in Japanese).

Classes start today. I have two classes, both very long. First I have Kerry's Seminar from 9am-noon. Then after lunch I have Brooke's lecture on Thai Buddhist Art from 2pm-4:30pm. After that I'm free. So I'm going to find a place to do laundry becuase me clothes STINK after traveling for a week.

Overall I an excited to be in Chiangmai (it's completely different from Taipei) and for classes and temple visits to start. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Travels!


12th November 2012

Morning in Chiangmal
Avery, I\'m enjoying reading your posts about your experiences abroad. Glad you made it to Thailand safe and sound. Will look forward to your next message to let everyone know what you are doing. Love, Aunt Patty

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