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June 29th 2008
Published: June 29th 2008
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Lopburi (birthday)Lopburi (birthday)Lopburi (birthday)

Notice the full bottle of rum!
We caught the train north stopping in lopburi in the hopes of finding some monkeys but only managed to find a reggae bar and a bottle of rum. It was my birthday and i had a 10 hour train journey ahead so we thought we may as well do it in style. (see pictures of the celebration). We arrived in Chang mai and had a day of sight seeing and then jumped straight into a 3 day 2 night trek... which consisted of Elephant riding jungle trekking and bamboo rafting. Sonia and i had a great time but I will let the photos do the talking, none of the rafting as the camera would have got wet 😞.. I have had a few issues at meal time and I met a person who has solely attributed it to the chang beer to I have switched to the lesser tasty singa to see how we go I will let everyone know the results after more testing!! The group we had for the tour i must say was fantastic tho... 2 canadians, two french people, 3 spaniards, 2 beligians, 2 irish and and Australian and a colombian there might have been an american
Lopburi (birthday) 2Lopburi (birthday) 2Lopburi (birthday) 2

Notice the almost empty bottle of rum. This mind you in a tidy 1 and a half hours... haha
in there as well. Everybody spoke about 2 languages each which made for some pretty crazy times and in those lapses we were entertained by andres's magic tricks. I will let sonia write up some details in spanish as the spaniards may have a read of this blog haha (jaja). Today we have finished the long neck tour which was interesting but more markets and more spending!

Tomorrow we have a cooking school so we will have to see how that goes... can't be that bad (hopefully)

only 1 week now till my holiday is once again over but we seem to be making the most of things.


6.5 grados de alcohol y muy buen sabor .. es la cerveza mas popular de thailandia.. me recuerda un poco a mi cerveza brava alla en colombia. Dios la tenga en su gloria jaja.. nos encontramos ahora despues de una fallida excursion a el pueblo de lso monos donde al parecer aunque todo el mundo los vio nosotros solo vimos un bar reggae.. no esta mal ya que estabamos de celebracion de cumplea;os y ante la negativa de vendernos un coktail decidimos comprar la botella
Chang Mai 1Chang Mai 1Chang Mai 1

Chang Mai 1
entera..... en fin..
Chiang mai es el lugar paerfecto para aquellos que aman la caminata , el airte libre, quieran experimentar un paseo en elefante y tomar el lado mas salvaje de thailandia.. tambien es el lugar de la villa de las mujeres de cuello largo conocido como chiang rai y el lugar de la granja de orquideas y mariposas donde por algo asi como 30 dolares pouedes comprar aretes collares y cualquier accesorio con una de ellas .. bastante lindo y original la verdad.

El trekking de 3 dias es increible y si tienen un dia extra como nosotros pueden tomasr una clase de cocina en the best cooking thai class donde aprenden a hacer currys, sopas pro algo asi como 1000 baths y despues para bien o para mal se come uno todo lo que prepara... ahora preparamos viaje a cambodia y al fin cambiamos de pais despues de un mes...

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Chang Mai 2Chang Mai 2
Chang Mai 2

Sonia gonging the "sacred 10,000 year old gong". or as she calls it in her spanglish "punching the gong"
Chang Mai 3Chang Mai 3
Chang Mai 3

Chang Mai 3
Chang Mai 6Chang Mai 6
Chang Mai 6

Chang Mai 6
Chang Mai 5Chang Mai 5
Chang Mai 5

Chang Mai 5
Chang Mai 7Chang Mai 7
Chang Mai 7

Chang Mai 7
Chang Mai 8Chang Mai 8
Chang Mai 8

Chang Mai 8
Chang Mai 9Chang Mai 9
Chang Mai 9

Chang Mai 9
Chang Mai 10Chang Mai 10
Chang Mai 10

yes we bought this hat

8th July 2008

hermana que buenas fotos!!!! los dos se ven muy bonitos en la foto con el elefante!!!muy buen tocado en la cabesita!!!;)

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