Chiang Mai: A world in Thailand

Published: July 17th 2018
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Chiang Mai: A world in Thailand

Going to Chiang Mai was a bless-worthy addition to my travel diary. Chiang Mai is a mesmerizing valley of Thailand which was once known as the Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields or simply as the Lanna Kingdom. This Rose of the North is everything that Bangkok isn’t for its spectacular mountains, vibrant valleys and the galore of temples.

The historic city of Chiang Mai has many surprises hidden in its natural beauty for the tourists to unwind. Our staycation in Chiang Mai was a bombarding mix of everything we wanted to experience from a city. The city is home to 300 plus temples which promises breathtaking sightseeing’s.

I picked the impressive Doi Suthep –an ornate Buddhist Temple overlooking the city from above as my first spot. The view of the city below through the gold plated decorations and bougainvillaea blossoms were worth watching. My second stop is located in the center of Chiang Mai- The Wat ChediLuang Temple and dates back to the 14th Century. I visited several temples in and around Chiang Mai and the beauty of the city stunned me each time.

The streets of Chiang Mai are enriched with the vibes of Buddhist culture. Located in the outskirts of the city is Chiang Mai Amulet Market, a treasure hunter’s paradise filled with radiating items that create intriguing curiosities. Though there are everyday markets, the Saturday and Sunday markets are the must visit in this city. The real vibe of Chiang Mai city is experienced while traversing on these days.

My travel was not restricted to just temple and street visits, it also involved a peek into the adventure vibe of the city and I was not at all disappointed. The city houses some incredible chill-out spots. To name few, there is a sticky waterfall (Buatong Waterfall) , Old Hang Dong Quarry for cliff jumping, hanging out in the huts scattered around Huay Tung Tao Lake, visiting Yoga and Massage centres for relaxation therapy and the picturesque nightlife. Stay in Chiang Mai is not complete without catching up with at least one of the Cabaret show which is fortunately held daily at 9.30 pm.

A travel diary is incomplete without exploring the food of the town. Yes! Without any surprise, the food of the city is fresh, delicious and palate killer. There are several places in Chiang Mai where one can munch on the local to western cuisines. My favorites were The Larder Café for a quick brunch, Pun-Pun Vegetarian Restaurant for a love-filled Thai food and the most favouriteSalaLanna Rooftop Bar for enjoying the sunset with some chilled drinks. Oh! And the cat café for a puurrfect time!

Chiang Mai is also famous for its San Yant Bamboo Tattoos made by Buddhist monks (called as Ajarn) inside the temple using bamboo sticks. There are a plethora of tattoo shops in every corner of the city. The best thing that happened to me in Chiang Mai was visiting this tattoo shop – Chiang Mai ( ). A family-run business staffed with family and friends. The relaxed, comfy Thai style environment the studio provides is heartwarming. With head artist Ahm as the backbone, all the artists are professionally trained in Thai and several tattoo forms. The studio is moulded by cleanliness standards, high-quality machinery, inks and aftercare therapy. Panumart artists are skilled enough to breathe life into the vaguest tattoo ideas you have. I got myself an insanely cool tattoo as a Souvenir of Chiang Mai and I don’t regret it tad bit!
Staying in Chiang Mai filled my soul with the vibrant energy of the simple yet loud life of this calm looking city. I will be definitely coming back for more of Chiang Mai and especially for inking a new story!


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