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October 21st 2007
Published: October 22nd 2007
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Stray Dogs on Koh SametStray Dogs on Koh SametStray Dogs on Koh Samet

Thailand is full of stray dogs and Samet is no exception. Because of the Buddhist vaules in the country these dogs are always fed.
One thing that is fantastic about Thailand is that there are endless amounts of exotic beaches that are within 3 hours of Bangkok. This past weekend I went to Koh Samet with my friend Martin, who works for Reuters.

The island is great because it is off the tourism map and is frequented by local Thais. Meaning it costs less and there are less people there. Two definite pluses.

Below are some video links from some of the things that happened on the beach Saturday night. Hence, the Ring of Fire title to this entry.

Playing with fire

All around, the island was absolutely fantastic.

The beaches were clean and the water was just the right temperature. It was hot but with a great breeze that made it possible to lie in the sun all day and not get uncomfortable.

This place is totally rustic. The roads are not paved and in order to travel around you have to talk a local guy into letting you hop in the back of their pickup truck.

The accommodations are well-kept and right on the beach. They are incredibly small and blend in flawlessly with the landscape. And for
Ring of FireRing of FireRing of Fire

A performer entertains the crowd on Koh Samet
$9 a night for a big bed, a fan and a TV, it’s not too bad.

As we approached the island, as you can see from the pictures, it looks uninhabited. And it remains that way until you hit the shore and see these little bungalows.

So, essentially, the weekend was about relaxing. You can get an hour-long Thai massage on the beach for $6. Martin partook but I felt a little bit uncomfortable getting a massage in a public place. Maybe that’s just me.

But the island had a fun and unique nightlife, as you can see by the videos, but it tends to get a little rowdy with many of the local Thais using Koh Samet to take a load off from work and city life.

Thailand is a drinking culture anyways and when a bottle of whiskey costs $3 it tends to get a little out of control. Not to mention that it was a holiday. They tend to have a lot of those in Southeast Asia I am finding.

Nonetheless, quite an experience. And I can’t remember the last time I actually got some sun!

Enjoy the pictures!

Additional photos below
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The BeachThe Beach
The Beach

The view from the beach.
Three Good FriendsThree Good Friends
Three Good Friends

Three of my good friends for the weekend. Martin sitting down, a vivacious stray dog next to him and 100 Pipers Scotch Whiskey in the foreground.
The BungalowThe Bungalow
The Bungalow

The path leading to the bungalows.

Jep's Bungalows. Great place.
Ships Ahoy!Ships Ahoy!
Ships Ahoy!

The captain of this run-down local vessel dropped anchor and decided to take a break at the resort bar.
At NightAt Night
At Night

Silver Sand Beach at night.
Night LightsNight Lights
Night Lights

Lanterns on the beach
The Way BackThe Way Back
The Way Back

Leaving the island with another ferry taking beachgoers to Samet.
Going BackGoing Back
Going Back

Me on the ride back to the mainland.

Sunset over Samet
In the JungleIn the Jungle
In the Jungle

The bungalow at night.

22nd October 2007

I was there 14 years ago
This was my first island hopping in Thailand. The island was quiet before and it was really relaxing!
24th October 2007

Weighing life
Let's see.....went to work...sat in my cube...got irritated by a coworker.....drove home in crappy cold rainy traffic....picked up dog poop....made a lousy dinner....dishes...reruns...bed. Hmmmmmm..your life or my life?????

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