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May 8th 2005
Published: February 22nd 2006
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bungalow dogbungalow dogbungalow dog

this is the Nature Beach bungalow dog. we actually heard it bark and i think i saw it move once.

So we are back in the night train feeling proud that we arranged a smooth time table to be sipping a beer by noon on the beach. Overnight train, 5:50 get off the train right at the airport, catch flight at 7:30, ferry over to the island, grab a cab, easy. Four guys staring at me in that scary kind of way, (Italian guy in Eurotrip)in the train for 3 hours got us off to a strange start. We missed our stop (supposed to stop at airport at 5:55am, somehow the train was EARLY, though we were awake at 5:30) , had to catch a cab back up the line to the airport (the cab driver thought we were late for an international flight so we got to do 160km on the Bangkok freeway, cool. I loved when he passed 8 cars on the shoulder at a red light). The first people we see on the island were 3 people we went on our Chiang Mai trek with. Frida and Steen (whom Brian dubbed Ivan Drago) and Brian who was staying at the bungalow we chose and conveniently met several Swedish girls we met up with later. Bad
international fun timesinternational fun timesinternational fun times

notice the buckets on the table. it seems the trend is to fill one of those buckets with a bottle of whiskey, some coke, and a couple red bulls, and what the hell, add about 100 straws. popular with the ladies.
start, good finish to the day. Ko Chang is Thailand's second biggest island next to Phuket. The road is 95 percent complete around the island just enough to piss you off that you can't go all the way around. In parts it has some of the steepest grades I've ever seen that were paved. The guidebook says that some 20 tourists die each year from the rip tide at our beach and who knows how many idiots from renting scooters on those hill during tropical rain storms, oh wait, that was what we did. I just can't stay off those bikes, I'm harboring romantic notions of buying a bike in Greece and touring Europe that way. The bungalow we stayed at had their act together, large projection screens for movies, multi-leveled terrace for dining, cheap beer and damn good food. At night we would head down the beach to the Treehouse, a bar/restaurant jutting out over the water for dancing and hanging out. The food was great there too, they stopped serving at ten, you had to get in line to order from the reception desk, and one night Jon was at the end of the line, behind me and
lonely beachlonely beachlonely beach

this is the view from the super hill down to the beach by our bungalow. the day we rented bikes was the 6+ hours of rain day.
about 4 others. I ordered my food, Jon walks up to the counter immediately after me, and the guy says, "kitchen closed." ha ha. (wasn't that funny, i really wanted sticky rice and mango. --jon) It rained nearly every day, it was the kind that made you think the bungalow was going to head into the sea, the bathroom had a huge hole in the roof so every time you had to go you felt like you were standing in your own pee. We were told that during high season every single room is taken on the island, we figured they were at 10-15 percent which was plenty, anyone travelling to Thailand I would suggest the shoulder season of Late Feb to mid April as an ideal time to go.

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rook, a camela!!!rook, a camela!!!
rook, a camela!!!

Thai kids LOVE posing for pictures!! they all also know how to use a digital camera to instantly see their pictures. jon is lame and still uses film. thsee kids thought that too.

i don't think this guy should be driving...anything!
road to ant attackroad to ant attack
road to ant attack

we took our scooters up this road to find a waterfall. instead, we found a ridiculously overgrown trail and an entire colony of ants that wanted to eat sean's foot. never saw the waterfall.
bye chiang maibye chiang mai
bye chiang mai

(this photo should be first.) before our night train, we got scooters and checked out the rest of Chiang Mai. up the super mountain road where i nearly ate bumper of stalled truck there was yet another temple, and the clouds nicely cleared on our way down.

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