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August 15th 2008
Published: August 15th 2008
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The Kayak
A short play written by Kristin Howell

Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: The early morning hours in a resort on a Thai island
Christina: What do you wanna do today?
Kristin: I think it's raining.
Eric: Go back to bed. I don't even get up this early on a school day. That's not rain. It's buckets of water falling from the sky.

Scene 2
Christina: It stopped raining! It's so nice out, blue sky, sun shinning. Lets go to the beach.
Kristin: Beach again? We've been at the beach for three days. Oh, I hate islands.
Eric: Go back to bed.
Christina: Well, I'm going to the beach. See you two there.

Act 2 Scene 1
Setting: The beach on a sunny, 105 degree day
Courtney: I was a life guard. If there is one thing I'm confident in it's my swimming abilities.
Macaela: The water is really warm
Eric: Howell, you gotta come in. How many times are you going to be in Thailand.
Kristin: I know, I know. I'm further than yesterday.
Eric: Yes, but we're still only about 2 1/2 feet deep.
Kristin: Shut up! Don't ruin it for me
(As no one looks, Kristin dives down, completely emerging herself in the ocean)
Eric, Macaela, Courtney (simultaneously): Yeah, you did it!!
Courtney: Is that Christina? What is she doing with that umbrella?
Eric: That's New York for you.
Christina: Are we going kayaking?
Courtney: We better go now before it gets too late.
Eric: Howell, you okay?
Kristin: Yup

Act 3 Scene1
Setting: The beach. Kayak enters the scene.
Kristin: You promise?
Eric: I promise. You get scared, we come back.
Christina: Just sing a song and you'll forget all about being in the ocean.
Kristin: I'm more scared than I thought I would be.
Eric: Don't worry, it's really not that far. You don't have to come. We can stay.
Kristin: Nope, I need to try it. It's okay that I'm scared. I need to try it until I'm too scared.
Eric: Okay then, let's start with the right side. Right, left, right, left...

Act 4 Scene 1
Setting: The Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Koh Chang as the sun begins to set in calm waters.
Kristin: TAKE ME BACK!! I want to go back. I can't breathe, I can't catch my breath. I'm never leaving land again. I think I'm going to cry.
Eric: It's okay, don't paddle, we'll go back. Stay calm, breathe in and out. We're okay.

The End


This play is based on a true story. My story. I did make my friends paddle back to shore. They dropped me off and I watched the two of them paddle away into the ocean.

However, the following day we went snorkeling. I went in thinking "it's okay to be scared, but I have to at least try it". The boat pulled up to the island. We sat in the sand while putting on our gear. And then....I went in...And I LOVED it. Turns out I'm not scared of the ocean, I'm scared of not being able to see what's in the depths of the ocean.

Today we are going back to the island, no kayak, just a snorkel. It's a start.

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15th August 2008

Kristin, Glad to hear from you again. Figured you were all very relaxing and enjoying yourself as you should be. Great play, new it was based on reality. You are very adventurous and I couldn't believe that you....were afraid of doing t hose things. Very proud of you with the snorkeling and now you love it. You can do anything if you want to. Hello to everyone for me. enjoy snorkeling. You are on your way. Safe travels home. See you real soon. Love Lucille It is true most people are not scared of the ocean it is what is in the depth of the ocean. Most of us have never seen it .
15th August 2008

Hi Kristin, I love the play. You sure have more nerve than I do. Never in a million years would I go kayaking in unknown waters. Murphy would have had to go in the water first so I could see how deep it was. (It's so nice having a tall friend.) I'm so happy your adventure will be over in less than a week. How about Jeana wanting to go to Africa. I'll believe it when I see it. Continue to stay safe and be careful. God Bless. Love, Carol
15th August 2008

Yup, give me a backyard swiming pool any day. I enjoy swimming, just not in any water you can't see through. I think I watch too much Discovery channel.
15th August 2008

I did chuckle at Jeana's Africa comment. I'm not so sure I should be the one with her. Judy would handle her much better than me. I would listen to her complain and Judy would stop her from complaining. I love her ambition though. AND yes, the others were out in front of me. It made me feel safer to be in back.
15th August 2008

Now that's my kind of vacation!!!!
Hi Kristin, I've enjoyed these blogs!!!! You have had a very interesting vacation, if you can call the mice, bugs, and some of those hotels a vacation!!!! This island looks more my speed. I did do snorkling in Bermuda and it was awesome to be up close to some of the fish. Have a safe trip back. See you soon!!!!! Love to you all, Debbie
15th August 2008

White Sands
Looks like the best part of the trip is the end. Sitting on the beach enjoying the ocean and sun. Finally some nice blue water, very clear. Snorkling is like float in space. You can see forever and just be. I am glad you are enjoying the warm waters. Have you seen any fish yet? After seeing those Cig boxes, I wouldnt buy any. They are just sick. Enjoy yourself.
15th August 2008

OH! And I think its amazing how you write something to us all the time. I think if I was on this trip I would have given up after the first week. Thanks for taking me on this trip with you. And making each entry interesting to read. Your very creative.
15th August 2008

Kristin - you did it!!!! You got in the water. I know how HUGE that is for someone who is terrified of the ocean. I've always been a water person - but that is because my father basically threw me in it when I was little so I had no choice! I'm very proud of you! I'm proud but not surprised - you do anything you set your mind to. I have one question though - how come there have been no blogs about "ping pong"?? I thought I would be scared to read them once they were posted, but now that there haven't been any....I'm kind of curious! Are we skipping this part of the trip?? Plus, I have gone and told a few people about you possibly viewing a live "ping pong" show and they are DYING to see if you went and if what people say about it is truth or fiction. Ha Ha Ha! You sound like you are having an experience of a lifetime. Stay safe and get your courageous butt home soon! Can't wait to see you and hear everything in person.
15th August 2008

I.m so proud of you going into the ocean!! Maybe I will get you on the beach in Wildwood!!! The pictures were beautiful! Safe journey home. Love judy
15th August 2008

SOOO glad to hear you snorkeled! I was terrified too...but after doing it, I LOVED's so worth it! Did you see lots of fish? This trip is going to be something you talk about forever! So many adventures! But I must say, I'm glad it's ending! You will be HOME in LESS than one week! :) I have a bunch of info. on classes for us and anyone else interested. What do you think we should do first?! I can't wait!
15th August 2008

Hey there; now the count down begins. I wish I was going to be home to see you. I guess I have to wait until Oct. U.B. sometimes goes fishing in a Kayak. Of course not the ocean I don't think Na. Enjoy the last days before bedlam sets in back at school. Have a safe trip and know where all thinking of you and your friends. Love ya.
15th August 2008

haha that was really cute I was worried cause you sounded a little home sick but you sounded much better :) I am kristin sick...... Come HOME :))))))) Love Dre
15th August 2008

The Play
I loved, Loved loved the play blog. I was dying laughing here, K-ho, you are not afraid of anything! I am surprised to your reaction to this. Glad your friends took care of you! I won't have any fun this weekend. Promise.
15th August 2008

A play...
...written by you was a great idea! Loved it and could picture it very well. Think I'm going to write a play.. Jaclyn: Momma Momma: Jaclyn stop it. Jaclyn: hitting Momma: Do you want to go in the naughty chair? Jaclyn: naaaaugghy chair! Actually the hitting has stopped, think she was just overtired during the day but you get the drift. Anyways, I'm starting to get butterflies about seeing you. I want to know your plans until you get on the plane. I think Jaclyn and I are going with Janice to pick you up at Logan. Is that cool?? Obviously I have your car here and your phone/keys etc. Oh, I spoke with Ann again, she got you a grey dress the other dresses did not come in. She put the rest of the bridal party in pink but got you grey knowing you hugely detesting feelings about pink. :)) And I was serious, if anyone wants to come here to greet Kristin the morning of the 20th, you are invited. Ok, be safe. No more kayaking, it makes me nervuos and I'm with you, stay close to the shore. Miss and love you and CAN NOT WAIT FOR WEDS!!!!!
16th August 2008

Please please please stop inviting people over to come see me. I am leaving on a plane at 5PM, 6AM your time and not arriving until 7:30AM, 25 hours later. It has been six weeks since I took a really long hot shower or had a bathroom all to myself, or anything to myself without my fearless travel companions. PLEASE, I would like nothing more than to sit down, say hello, and then go to bed....maybe a, meal some place in there.
16th August 2008

Ok, you all heard Kristin. If you were coming over, you are now uninvited!! :)) Sorry sorry sorry! Believe me, I told Janice I'd rather see you once you were debugged and showered myself but you know her, bossing me around and I've only met the lady once! Tell Courtney that one!! haa! I talked to Janice yesterday anyways and we are going back to her house for coffee and pickies if you want. Totally up to you. You can come here and crash if you want or I can drive you home or you can drive your own ass home. Feel better!!?!? Jaclyn and I are going to Janice's to meet Macaela's parents there, head to the airport and then whatever happens happens. How come you let all the questions I've asked go unanswered but you finally respond back just to scold me???? I'll remember that. See you guys on Weds!! Love and kisses!
16th August 2008

Good Blog....I am so proud of you for going under the water!! Way to go K Ho! Enjoy your last few days of you vacation. Have a safe flight. See you REAL soon~!
16th August 2008

Hi Kristin. I am soooo proud of you! It looks like it is absoultly beautiful there!!!! My Uncle was in Thiland in the service and said it was beautiful. This is a post card vacation. Enjoy!! Love ya. jane
16th August 2008

Fabulous !
Hi to all the kids! I have been reading and following you all along, just not commenting. Loved the pictures, and the bathroom adventures. Have some mountain stories of my own from Greece, some things never change. Glad to hear you bought some clothes you will enjoy them for a long time, try to ship an umbrella or some other kind of lasting momento. Oh yeah you have your bookmark! Take care, See you soon!
16th August 2008

ahhhh...nothing to do but be on the beach, now THAT'S a vacation!!! Have a safe trip home!!!
17th August 2008

NJ Jane
Postcard vacation? Well, some of it was. It's really stuff like this that teachers should get PDPs for or even college credit.
17th August 2008

We all say hello back!! Love your bookmark comment. Haven't even seen the damn thing since I left Pai. See you soon.
17th August 2008

Mystery Person Sarah Bloom
Hello MPSB! Thanks for the comment. I would have felt safer if you were there, but Court was a lifeguard too. I really need you to move closer to me so I can become a strong swimmer. A triathlon is on my "list".
17th August 2008

I just bought something small for Jaclyn. I wanted to buy her this adorable little asian outfit, but figured you wouldn't put her in it. I have something for her room instead. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER!!!
17th August 2008

So, you enjoyed the play? Good to know. Oh, you are off stuffing smores in your mouth right now and I'm more than just a bit jealous. I can never miss rafting again!!
17th August 2008

I miss you too. Maybe we can sneak in a beach day before school starts. See you soon!
17th August 2008

I was wondering if you would have snorkeled. I can't wait to see you and to think I may actually get a few words in really shocks me. Don't worry, you heard my stories, so I want to hear about your summer too!! See you soon.
17th August 2008

Well, it's a step in the right direction. Although the fear of being dragged under by the current still makes the hair on my neck stand straight up. I'm getting there though.
17th August 2008

The funny thing is, I LOVE the water. I love the chlorine cleaned back yard pool with a diving board and floating chairs. Did you get my e-mail regarding your question?
17th August 2008

Eric B
We did actually see some fish, more than I thought we would have. The colors were amazing in the sunlight. I wish I had an underwater camera!
17th August 2008

Debbie L
So, your an island girl? Not me. I don't mind it every once in a while, but the beginning part of my trip was more of what I enjoy, minus the terrible rooms! Yes, I will see you soon. We won't be neighbors any more, but I'll still be up every morning for breakfast.
18th August 2008

Kristin Howell is my Hero!
You must do the thing you think you can not do! Way to live up to the quote! I am proud of you. Maine wasn't the same without you. There's always next year. Miss you!

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