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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008
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After four days of riding buses (4 hrs to Pai, 4 back from Pai, 11 to Bangkok, 7 to Trat), we arrived on Ko Chang, an island off the eastern coast of Thailand, close to Cambodia. We have been in search of a crystal clear blue beach, but have found none. June through October is the wet season, so although the water is slightly more clear than that of back home, it's still not the picturesque beach we were hoping for before arriving.

On our first day of arriving we just wanted to eat and rest. Before traveling this summer I thought the bus rides would be something to look forward to, a time to turn on my iPoa (fake iPod name), reflect and relax. Now we cringe and gently rub our bellies at the thought of ALL moving vehicles.

On our second day we sought out another living accomodation as a man there seemed to be too interested in us and left us feeling as if we would be better off to be far from his wondering eye. We settled in to the Garden Resort on Kae Bae Beach. Finally, a place that has a flushing toilet that can handle toilet paper, clean sheets, hot showers and even a pool. Seeing as it is our last leg of the trip we all were in agreement that spending $16 a night at this place was well worth the price after many nights sleeping with one eye gently open.

On the third day Eric, or President Paci, joined our group. It hasn't stopped raining since.

So here we are, on a deserted island, with almost nothing in the world to do but play a card game we were taught while sitting on a roof in Kampot.

To be honest, this has been the part of the trip I have looked least forward to. I'm not a beach person. I don't like the ocean, I hate the sun and the feel of wet or dry sand on any part of my body makes me feel dirty. I'd much rather be at my little AIDS Orphanage in Chiang Rai that we never made it to. BUT, I am open minded and with good company. If the weather clears we plan on snorkeling, scuba diving, island hoping and combing the island for waterfalls. We are here until Friday, then head
Popular DessertPopular DessertPopular Dessert

Ice cream with corn
back to Bangkok to begin our jaunt back to the States.

I was able to respond to the comments so if you left one, I wrote you back. Hope you are all well. Thanks again for checking in on us. Can't believe it's almost over!

Thai KHo and Crew

PS We all tried riding a motorcyclce today. We ended up taking a cab, getting stuck on a beach in the pouring rain and after a short walk found a gentleman willing to take 5 soaking wet Americans back to where we started. Not a successful day, however, quite memorable.

Additional photos below
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We had time while Eric went to the store, so we played around with the timer on my camera. It took us 6 shots, and this was the best of them. And no, I wasn't the highest, just the slowest.

This is what you do when it rains on an island.

12th August 2008

Miss You
Hey Howell. I woke up at 6am this morning, and ran downstairs hoping you wrote today. It's D-Day, yup moving to Salem. I am so nervous, I can not wait for you to come home. I was feeling home sick last night and I was still at home. How are you doing out there? Did you move you know what yet? HOw are your malaria pills? WWR is this coming weekend. It won't be the same without K-HO. Glad you guys met up with paci, I love the pic of you all jumping. Maybe when you come sleep over I will make corn and ice cream for dessert. :) Talke care be safe. Nic
12th August 2008

Count down on
Kristin, If it will make you feel any better it is raining just about every day here also. You don't sound as chipper as you have in your past blogs, but then again the rain will do that to people. I can't believe you will be home in one week. As much as I will be so glad you are in your safe little house I will miss your blogs. Can you continue them while you teach? They are just so funny and I'm sure we will learn a lot from your teaching days with 3rd graders! There was an ad in our newspaper "Looking for Authors, send three chapters". I immediately thought of you, think about it! Of course I through the article out but I can find it. Stay safe!
12th August 2008

Always good with an Eric
Eric will take care of you. We always do. :) Erics know good times like building card houses, sand castles, and snorkeling. You look like you ladies are having a great time, and of course flying high from the photos. :) Kristin, Remember... The beach brings beach drinks. Have something tropical and kick back. East Coast Eric.
12th August 2008

I can't believe today is the day. I'm such a good packer too. I would have been an asset to your day. Actually, I believe I helped you move last time. I'll be thinking of you as I sharpen my pool playing skills. Can't wait to see your place. I'll be over all the time. I LOVE Salem. Miss you too!!
12th August 2008

Cousin Mo
I would be more than happy to continue writing as the school year begins. I think it would be a very useful reflective tool. I may miss blogging, minus all the waiting and hassle of finding the internet. You never know, maybe there is a JK Rowling gene within our veins. I'll take a poll and see who wants to venture into the life of a third grade public school teacher with us. It may be a good idea so that teachers can finally get the respect they deserve. I'm off to give the moped another try. I can go straight , I just can't turn. And to think I saw a woman brest feeding her baby the other day while on one. Really makes me feel inadequate.
12th August 2008

HI, I thought the bathroom graffiti was your new t-shirt you made until a read the caption. so sorry about the rain but welcome to our world here all summer. I hope the weather gets better for you so you can go snorkeling, etc and not jsut drink and play cards. enjoy your company. Why don't you have President Paci stop the rain he brought with him. Enjoy this remaining time, you all will now have a special bond no one else will understand. Someday you may wish you were still there. enjoy your remaining time. I have thoroughly enjoyed following along withyou. Safe travels. See you real soon Love Lucille P.S. Awaiting your thoughts and plans for next summer.
12th August 2008

I'v been waiting!
Finally another blog! I've been waiting patiently. I love that I can log on though and see the last time you checked a comment, which has been every day so I know you are ok. It's sorta like Christmas for all of us also waiting for you to send a blog and see what you have written and discovered, where you are etc. So happy to hear a toilet with toilet paper flushing away is your current situation. Phew! Everything is great here. I am happy to say you'll be home NEXT WEEK! Ya! I was up at midnight letting Sligo out cause he was dry heaving (I think I should have my own blog to entertain people) and I wrote a list of things to discuss with you. 1. Do you need a ride home from Logan? 2. I mailed your check to the credit card like you asked. 3. I will call again today about that vaccine bill. 4. Have you pooped?? (sorry, but I'm concerned) 5. Ann was supposed to drop your dress off last week and I talked to her yesterday and none of the dresses, including hers, has come in. She's in panic mode for sure. Worst case, if the dresses are not in today, she's going to have you all just wear black dresses of your choice. So FYI on that. I could have sworn there was something else but I can't remember now. I must agree, you don't sound as chipper as you have in the past. You are almost here! And to anyone that would like to come to my house to see Kristin when she arrives, you are more then welcome! She flies in the morning of the 20th if all flights go as planned! :))) Love and Miss you -- xoxoxo -- Sister Cole signing off!!! p.s. Why is Paci President?? Hi Paci!! Hi Girls!
12th August 2008

So happy to hear about a flushing toilet that can handle toilet paper,clean sheets,hot showers and even a pool. $16 a night is more than worth it. Is that $16 for each girl? How is money holding up? From what I see and read it's pretty good. I laugh when I think about the sun and the feel of the sand. Glad to hear about the motorcycle ride that went bad. Hope you were able to do some snorkeling and scuba diving...You will be home soon..Love Mom
12th August 2008

Hi Kristen, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this blog. You are such a great writer and photographer. I absolutely loved the graffiti. No matter where you go in the world, the message is always the same. I wrote it down, I loved it so much. Did you try the ice cream with corn? That is really an unusual combination. Enjoy every moment that you have left! Did you feel reading the New Earth has changed the way you approached this trip and the actual trip. Thanks for letting me share this journey with you.
12th August 2008

Glad you are ok.... I got a little nervous when we didnt hear anything for a few days..... It must be rainy season here too I feel like the sun hasnt shined in 3 weeks..... Well enjoy the rest of your trip.... Cant wait to see you :)
12th August 2008

Hey there Kris; so glad to finally see your blog. I was getting a bit nervous. I'm really glad that you and your friends are finally staying in a decent place and believe me that price is good. I wish my friend Rita was home as she was in Thailand not so long ago on business Maybe she could have had a suggestion on how to get your clothes home. I know that she also had some things made for her and they were beautiful. Don't be too concerned about the rain. As Maureen told you its raining everywhere. Maine N.H. Ma. and Cape Cod which is where I am as of now and until Oct. Can't wait to hear that your safely in the U.S.A.
12th August 2008

You spent $450 on clothes?? Wow...Please thank the chemist for me...and just maybe Paci...Almost time to come home...Love Mom
12th August 2008

sounds like you are ready for your adventure to wind down! yay for toilets showeres and sheets-lol! :-) You should definitely keep blogging, maybe we can all help you plan the next trip we'd like to take vicariously through you! Safe travels , Love Steph
13th August 2008

Hi...sending everything home that you bought is a great idea...I hate to think you are rolling up some of that stuff. Everone is right...The rain (or storms really) have been a daily routine..I wanted to tell you that my friend Gerald at work has been reading all of your blogs everyday and everyone keeps asking. Always have someone over my shoulder at work. You do write wonderful. Sometimes I want to cry and sometimes I want to laugh...See you soon...Love Mom I'm still trying to get over you spending $450 on clothes...I hope this is a new beginning..
13th August 2008

Wish I was at the beach...
The weather here has been horrendous...I think we might be in Monsoon season and not you! Anyway...Picture it...Golden Girls episode where they are stranded on an island during their hell vacation! All I can conjure as I was reading this email was that episode for some reason. I thought you would get a kick out of that. Remember to truly enjoy the islands you have to embrace the feel of it...that means you need to just BE and RELAX!!!! Hint Hint Hint! Miss you lots. Can't wait for you to come home!

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