Photos from Murgab, Tajikistan, Asia

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Heading for the finish line
Eager to be photographed
Pushing their baby sister
The proverbial tug of war.....
Wrestling on horses
Narish accepted Tara's scarf
Kicking up some dust
Riding high in the saddle
Cute as can be in their finest dress
Pamir 2013
hello Pamir!
The Tajikistan border
getting there!
Going up to 4285m at the Tajikistan border
a moitie chemin
at the top = the Tajikistan border
marmot in No Man's Land
Must have rained a lot just before I got there
No man's land. On the way to the Tajikistan border
Friendly girl - farm-stay near Rang-kul, Tajiksitan
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