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February 23rd 2013
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To be honest, even up to the point of this writing with about a week of travel behind us, I’ve been debating whether to blog or not, though I’d earlier stated to some that I would. One, I’m a bit lazy, and coupled with Klaudia’s very restless (dare I say “ruthless”?) pace while sightseeing, I’ve been beat by evening time. Two, I’ve read a few blogs more than I would have liked to during my deliberation over this one, and the interesting ones are few and far between: I consistently found myself asking “Who cares?” as blogs assiduously presented a daily play-by-play of the events of their lives (Yawn...). Three, and most significantly, I’m a very private person, and it’s a feeling of privacy that extends not only to my daily activities, but also to my thoughts and emotions. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism I’ve developed to avoid ridicule, but if I go into that, it’ll start sounding like one of those tedious blogs I’d mentioned.

I will give it a try though, as I’ve had a change of heart, the chief reasons for which are basically threefold. I think that friends and family will be genuinely interested to read about what’s going on with me and Klaudia, even if it’s just skimming the posts. Next, for someone that can preach for hours about “The Singularity” as an ultimate truth, I sure am slow in adopting new technologies, especially when the new technologies encompass social medium (see reason number 3 above); but, blogging is now a solidified medium of communication and I think that I need to start diving into this collective consciousness before I get left behind like some intransigent Luddite. Lastly, it’s a way for friends and family to keep tabs on us.

One more reason, slightly less important for me, but still a good one, is that we can keep the blog as a “good” journal of our trip. Perhaps my kids will want to read it, perhaps they won’t, but I think that making it publicly open will keep me honest and hone my blogging skills. I recently looked at a journal I’d kept during a 4-month stint in Europe and Northern Africa when I was in my early twenties and, I don’t know if it was just due to young age - or the fact that I would never let anyone read it - but the journal was a naive, stream-of-consciousness piece of crap. So, I’d like to make this as interactive as possible: should you want to read more about something, or you think I’ve glossed over something, let me know; if you have a recommendation, send a comment; if you have some constructive criticism, let it fly, and I’ll either adjust or contentiously respond in kind (especially if I’ve had a few too many).

The deal Klaudia and I made was that I would write, she would take the pics, so any pictures I post will have been taken by her, except for those that she’s in of course...

That’s enough of the pros and cons analysis – I’m all in. Enjoy and be sure to comment: this is a way to keep in touch while we’re away.


23rd February 2013

Keep on Writting
I'll keep on reading!
24th February 2013

Finally! :)
It is a shame you have been so private all this time I have known you! It must have also been hard to keep all this variety of thoughts and splendind vocabulary just to yourself. I hope you will keep sharing with us. So not only can we travel with you but also enjoy your writing. Wes says hi and sends a suggestion: be optimistic even when in Sri Lanka :)
4th March 2013

Thanks for the support and kind words. Let Wes know we've relaxed a bit, but Colombo is crazy. We're back today and even though we've been at this for 2 weeks, it feels like day one again!
4th March 2013

Hello K and T,
I've stumbled on your blog this morning and plan on reading the rest of them while sipping my coffee. As a believer in blogging I can tell you why to stick with it. 1) Your friends and family will appreciate knowing what you are up to more than you think. 2) Many bloggers on travel blog are addicted to reading other blogs to assist us in planning or to remind us of a fantastic trip we once had. 3) When we returned we turned our blogs into a book and it has become treasured. 4) It is always good to keep up with new technology and media forms. 5) And most important-- you will find the people on the travel blog community are a friendly bunch and truly interested in what you are up to. Happy travels.
4th March 2013

Thanks for the comments (and support), Dave! It's nice to know that others outside of our immediate circle are reading as well.
9th March 2013

Tony, don't you dare stop writing! It is awesome to read about where you guys just went, what you saw, experienced and that you are ok! Hugs to both of you!

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