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July 30th 2008
Published: April 6th 2009
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We decided to move in-land from Dikwella after visiting the blow hole. Then we came across this stupa on the summit of the mountain. We were encouraged to climb up by a group of people at a tea stall where we stopped to have some refreshments for ourselves. We climbed almost six hundreds steps to reach the top of the rock. The surroundings were breathtaking. The whole area is circled with a thick evergreen forest. By the time we arrived at the top, they were a lot of devotees and troublesome monkeys everywhere.

According to the story of the nation, Sri Lankans loved building monasteries, stupas and other scared monuments on the summit of rocks, where people find extremely impossible to reach. This place is also one of them, similar to Adam's Peak (Smanala Kanda) or The Lion's Fortress (Sigiriya). It is unimaginable to think how on earth this monastery was built on this rock as early as 2nd century B.C. Anyway we decided to give it a go!

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7th August 2010


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