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October 8th 2007
Published: October 8th 2007
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Murray did a trip to Eastern Sri Lanka and visited areas which have recently seen active conflict in the Civil War which has been ongoing for the past 20 years (see pictures).

With the Tsunami Reconstruction work coming to a close people are leaving. At the moment we seem to be losing friends every week. The plan (at the moment) is to finish the contract end of November, head to NZ for a quick holiday, and then on to the new place.


Charlotte is still delightful, of course. Our house helper loves her, and although her English is very poor, she manages a “white baby, white baby” whenever Charlotte is around. Am a little scared that Charlotte will think this is her name she hears it soo often.

Charlotte is still extremely active. She learns new tricks with Dad, like standing (with the help of aids), and she is desperately trying to crawl. She is definitely mobile and can now hold herself in the crawling position. We’ll see how long it takes to co-ordinate the two. So Grandparents beware and baby proof your houses!

She really loves swimming now, and kicks and splashes; she even gets her face wet and doesn’t cry. Unfortunately she doesn’t know the difference between the pool and the bath and manages to get mummy completely wet during bath time now.

Everyday she is changing, and everyday we love her more.

The attack of the . . . . ?

Charlotte and I went to Unawatuna Beach. We had a lovely time getting all wet and sandy. But when I was drying Charlotte I felt something sting me. I looked at my hand and had hundreds of little hairs stuck to two of my fingers. I looked around and couldn’t see anything. So went to the café owners to ask what it could be, and find out the local treatment. While the owner covered my fingers in oil, and scrapped them with a knife, another man came running up to me, and started pointing at my shoulder. Of course, I freaked out, and moved, so this ‘thing’ went down into my bathing suit . . . . It was a caterpillar! The next day I came out in a rash all over my body. The doctor was called, ointment and a couple of pills later, the rash went away. After two weeks I had to have the remaining spikes dug out. All this for a caterpillar!

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Isn't she cute?Isn't she cute?
Isn't she cute?

proud parents alert!
My 3 wheel driverMy 3 wheel driver
My 3 wheel driver

who actually asks to carry Charlotte while I'm shopping!!

8th October 2007

Great report.
Hey guys, loving the concise comprehensive reports. The caterpillar story gave Jayne the shudders. Charlotte is looking gorgeous. She'll be great to get to know when you guys are back. Looking forward vey much to catching up with you all. Cheers. G.
8th October 2007

nice pics
some lovely photos of a lovely little girl :) I'm glad to see she is getting lots of cuddles, even from the 'super rider' driver! So sad about the refugees and the war though :(
8th October 2007

Thanks for your updates. Sounds exciting. Great to see pictures of Charlotte. God Bless,
9th October 2007

Ethan has only been crawling for the last few months so Charlotte is a bit faster than him. Ethan is managing a few words now, Mama, Dada, Baba and Tata (while waving). Just waiting for NO! to be added to the list along with a shove, we expect this will most likely start at dinner time or when his sister decides that her dolls aren't good enough, which happens often.
9th October 2007

Thanks for the news - it's hard to believe how fast kids grow - she's gorgeous!
16th October 2007

It is wonderful seeing your side of the world and being able to watch Charlotte growing up. Glad to hear that your close encounter with the crawling kind only resulted in a rash. Wow - so gald that we don't often find things like that here. I hope you have had your share for the duration of your stay. God Bless -
20th October 2007

Lovely girl
What lovely photos and how Charlotte has grown - young lady - nearly standing. If you get an unsubscribe notice ignore it I pressed the wrong button. Bless you

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