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August 15th 2007
Published: August 15th 2007
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Has been a while since we did the blog, so heres a quick update.

Murray went back to Sri Lanka at the end of May. Miriam stayed on longer in NZ with baby Charlotte, arriving in Sri Lanka in mid-June with her mum. Mum stayed for 3 weeks to help out, we miss you mum 😞 We did offer her a job as Charlottes nanny, but she reluctantly declined 😞 Charlotte is now 3 1/2 months old, so here are a few things that have happened since we were reunited in Sri Lanka. (This is from Miriam with Murrays update to follow in another blog - too many great photos).

News traveled fast that the new baby was in Sri Lanka. After traveling for 22 hours we had a quick nap, and then headed to a friends for dinner. The next day Charlotte was introduced to the Colombo office. Then we drove to Galle where a group of neighbours were waiting at our gate to sneak a peak at the baby.

Within days my old tuk tuk driver heard we were back and invited us to a family wedding the next day, I must have been tired because I said yes! We got Charlotte dressed up in her only pretty dress and feed her up before heading to the wedding. My tuk tuk drivers mother kidnapped Charlotte, and took her around showing her off. Was a bit nerve racking when we had to eat at the non-mulsim table at the back, while Charlotte was sitting in the womens section, with the mens section in the middle, ekkk! She found us after a couple of hours, but seemed quite happy to be adored and ‘smelled’ by the mob of women 😊 This was our first outing as a family, and have to say I was a bit scared I would have to feed her at the wedding. Thankfully she was a perfect angel, and I even have some friends here that don’t think she ever crys. She does, I assure you.

First Swim.
Charlotte has been swimming a couple of times a week since we came back. First swim she was a bit unsure, so I cuddled her close. She fell asleep, so can’t have been that traumatic. Recently she seems to actually enjoy her swims, much to our relief. We did have a wee melt down when our friends 3 year old jumped into the pool splashing Charlotte in the face. Poor little bubba didn’t know what had happened and let out an enormous wail!!

On the move.
Charlottes always been active, but recently managed to do a complete 360 degree turn on her activity mat, and can shuffle along on her back for a couple of metres, much to our horror. Her latest is rolling over from her back to her front. Now she has figured out she can roll she does it a million times a day, keeping mum on her toes 😊 Her latest is pushing her head into the ground and pushing with her feet, she can move this way, but gets really frustrated. Have to say all this activity is definitely from Murray, as I prefer to sleep than be constantly moving.

Additional photos below
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The first swim that was enjoyedThe first swim that was enjoyed
The first swim that was enjoyed

Witnessed by Grandma Lois (only took 3 weeks!)

15th August 2007

Hiya - good to see another blog - I was missing them! Charlotte is gorgeous! Take care, Amanda
15th August 2007

thanks for the photos! Charlotte certainly doesn't seem short of friends :)
15th August 2007

Charlotte is too cute, you guys did good! Thanks for the updates, they are the highlight of my day/week! She looks so happy and healthy - and hot, I'm jealous, it's cold here. Can't wait to see you guys in a few months. Hope you're all well :)
15th August 2007

Hey Miriam. It's about time this was updated, I've been checking every so often. We are stoked to see all the photos, keep them coming. It's great to see how much she has changed since you guys left. Look after your selves.
15th August 2007

hi!! glad things are going well! loove the pics!! take care oxox

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