Visiting the ancient city of Anudharapura

Published: September 11th 2017
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The guy that brought us on a tuk tuk yesterday was waiting for us just outside the hotel and decided all by himself that he was going to be our guide to the ancient city so we were like: "Oh, well ok." but that was that. We started by going to a medium sized buddhist temple and I didn't expect it to be exactly white but in the end I concluded that it was quite pretty but boring when you see them all the time and UNFORTUNATELY I did see them a billion times and I had to walk all around them in a dry weather at 45 degrees! A very interesting thing that my dad told me about about this holiday highlight was that during the dark ages in the far east it wasn't the dark ages at all because they were more advanced than the Europeans even though the Europeans were more advanced in the Roman times. The far eastern countries had also a good-working of what we call today "economy". They had spices and gold and war elephants and all sorts of good valuable things to sell to other countries. The UAE today is like this today because they have lots of oil. Children think that in the dark ages everything was "dark" but in Sri Lanka it was more like "golden". We visited a sacred palace were a sacred tree stood and there stood a Sign which said that Sri Lanka was democratic republic.


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