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October 30th 2011
Published: October 30th 2011
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Bella Tortilla
Sitting around the house today we began discussing all the things we are going to miss about Seoul and South Korea in particular. Shauna and I have both agreed that most of what we miss about Calgary are all the great food locations we use to frequent like

1. Peter's Drive-in for magnificent milkshakes
2. Oriental Palace for amazing Chinese food in Parkdale
3. La Vienna for traditional Italian food in Kennsington
4. Pho Kim for gigantic bowls of Vietnamese Pho Bowls
5. McKay's Ice Cream in Cochrane for homemade ice cream
6. Wild Rose Brewery at the old Calgary Farmer's Market for handcrafted delicious beers and the Farmer's Platter of bread, cheese, fruit and meat slices
7. The Grizzly Paw in Canmore (sure its an hours drive) but Bison Burgers and handcrafted beers you cannot go wrong!

SO, last night we were discussing all these food places while sitting below the N-Tower on top of Namsan hill in Seoul. As I chewed back my kimchi hotdog and Shauna bit into her mushroom burger we started talking food. And what better food to talk about
Coconut Cream PieCoconut Cream PieCoconut Cream Pie

Tartine in Itaewon
then the food you are going to miss!

1. Kimchi Jjighae (kimchi stew) 3,000 won at Paju Kimbap Chongu near English Village
2. Farmer's Table for their "couples set" pizza, pasta, desert and beverages for two 50,000 won in Heyri Art Valley
3. Kraze Burger for gourmet 10,000 won spicy sauced hamburgers in Myeong-dong
4. Secret Coffee Shop in Heyri Art Valley for delicious organic cookies (1,500 won), amazing affogato's (4,000 won) and panini sandwiches (6,000 won)
5. Fell + Cole Gastronomical Ice Cream for... I bet you guessed it? Outstanding homemade ice cream (3,900 won and up)
6. Bella Tortilla for a taste of Mexico or would that be TexMex? Either way its a delicious burrito (4,500 won)
7. The Lamp for dessert coffee and dessert service (6,000 won) in Myeong-dong
8. Tartine for phenomenal desserts contrived by Chef Garret. Butter Tarts to Coconut Cream pies to Nanaimo bars it's the one stop in Itaewon, I can never miss out on (starting around 4,000 won)

There is one restaurant name that is eluding me and its on the island of Jeju.
Chef Garret's Mixed FruitChef Garret's Mixed FruitChef Garret's Mixed Fruit

Tartine in Itaewon
This place is along the coast an hour bus ride south of Jeju city in a random town. But they had a hamburger larger than my head. It was 8-inches thick and 15-inches around. It was massive. And so big that you bought it by the number of people eating it. Two people. Four people. Eight people! Incredible. And this thing was delicious with CAPITALS. I vaguely recall it being around 15,000 won. But it was well worth it to the very last crumb.

Thus I beg you to answer the question.
What restaurant item do you miss? Where is it? What is it?

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Chocolate Peanut Butter CupChocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Fell + Cole Gastronomical Ice Cream in Hongdae
Ice Cream SelectionIce Cream Selection
Ice Cream Selection

Fell + Cole G.I.C. in Hongdae
Organic Cookies Organic Cookies
Organic Cookies

Secret Cafe in Heyri Art Valley
Love of an AffogatoLove of an Affogato
Love of an Affogato

Secret Cafe in Heyri Art Valley
Hot PaniniHot Panini
Hot Panini

Secret Cafe in Heyri Art Valley
Gorganzola PizzaGorganzola Pizza
Gorganzola Pizza

Farmer's Table in Heyri Art Valley
Fettucine Linguine AlfredoFettucine Linguine Alfredo
Fettucine Linguine Alfredo

Farmer's Table in Heyri Art Valley
Orange Cheesecake Orange Cheesecake
Orange Cheesecake

Farmer's Table in Heyri Art Valley
Maximum BurgerMaximum Burger
Maximum Burger

Kraze Burger at COEX Mall
Park Ji Sung BurgerPark Ji Sung Burger
Park Ji Sung Burger

Chili Cheese Fries, Maxis Burger at Kraze Burger in Myeong-dong
Chili Cheese FriesChili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries

Kraze Burger in Myeong-dong

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