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May 21st 2011
Published: May 21st 2011
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Lotus Lantern ParadeLotus Lantern ParadeLotus Lantern Parade

Buddha "lighting up the dark parts of the world"
Unlike some countries, such as India and China, which possess such grand scale and awe-inspiring sites and experieces that they nearly induce you to shit your brain out of your nose in pure wander, Korea has a more subtle charm...

Take Gyeongju... Delicate and understated, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla has a laid back atmosphere, historic temples and grassy burial grounds... Not grandiose in any way and lacking in scale, but with an inconspicuous appeal that slowly creeps up on you rather than blows your mind...

And after nearly three months in Seoul I have to say that, whilst not the most immediate or attention-grabbing city I have ever seen, I am beginning to finally discover the initially slightly elusive appeal of the place...

For all the mind numbingly bland high-rises there are pulsating neon-saturated streets... For all the elevated grey souless highways there are colourful lantern parades and processions... Despite the maddening, sardine-packed megalopolise's apparently never ending sprawl there are seemingly limitless opportunities for amusement and culture...

If Seoul was a girl she would be have an unattainable, impenetrable veneer of stoic ambition concealing a sweet nature and warm heart. Perhaps. Still, with

Cherry Bloosom Season Overload!
a population of over 10 million and as one of the largest cities in the world she'd also be pretty bloody big too....

This analogy ends right here.

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