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November 3rd 2007
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My presentMy presentMy present

All pretty!!
****My Birthday week was AWESOME!! Why? Because I have amazing friends and a great hubby!Plus everyone from back home spoiled me as well with cards and calls. "I love you guys!!". I won't mention my age but I realized I get tired more easily than in earlier years. Everyone knows I EMBRACE my right to celebrate my life on my birthday every year with more excitement than a regular person. Hey, if you don't celebrate your self who will?!! Go for it Babe!! PARTY IT UP!!

First my friends totally pulled wool over my eyes by inviting me over to "scrapbook" only to jump out and surprise me with a YUMMY cooked lunch! It was so GOOD!! Then the next day my hubby sent me out to do errands only for me to return home to find my Birthday present in the house! Which he told me I wasn't getting but had me fooled!! On my actual B-day he picked the kids up early and arrived at the house with Balloons, cake and flowers...My kids made sure I had a "Party HAT" because everyone knows you have to wear one to blow out your candles no matter how old you
Cake and candlesCake and candlesCake and candles

All 3 of us making a wish!

So by 6 o' clock when it was time to meet my friends at my favorite Italian restaurant "Sorentino's" I was debating about our plans to go out dancing afterwards. However, I was convinced by my friends I would regret it later. So we carried on to a little Soju place and had some flavored drinks and fresh fruit. Then we finally got to shake up a little something on the dance floor at a club. TONS of FUN when your the only group of Americans and your dancing until you sweat!! Only to return home sleep a couple hours, wake up and dress up to celebrate Halloween with our kids. I truly felt my age then!! LOL!
**** YEP, my B-day in Korea rocked this year!!****

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My favorite dessert!
Pretty Wendy!Pretty Wendy!
Pretty Wendy!

Lemon Flavored Soju, Going down!
Drink up! Drink up!
Drink up!

Strawberry Soju and a Korean pose! "Kimchi Babe!"
Soju placeSoju place
Soju place

inside our corner
group shotgroup shot
group shot

Hurry! we want to dance!
Rob and ScottRob and Scott
Rob and Scott

Water Only..because I have to be somber for my wife!
B-day love!B-day love!
B-day love!

Is he hugging me or holding me up?!

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