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December 28th 2008
Published: December 28th 2008
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My neighborhoodMy neighborhoodMy neighborhood

This is a picture of my neighborhood. A lot of the towers are apartment buildings.
Hey everyone!

I went hiking around a mountain earlier today. Want to see some photos?
That was a fun hiking trip.
I've got two days to teach this week and then I go on New Years' vacation. I'm probably going to Daegu for the time off, there's a bunch of things to see and do.

The following I wrote on another online blog but I think it fits here as well if you're wondering how being here has been in a nutshell;
If you haven't travelled outside of American/Western Culture before in your life it sort of feels like you've been dropped off on a whole new world. Which is dichotomous; it's amazing, exciting and you want to soak it all in. You are meeting all kinds of people and trying new things. Then it's terrifying, the "oh god I can't remember the word for the bathroom"'s all creep to the forefront of your mind. The occasional racism because you are an outsider here.
But you've always got to take the bad with the good. It's life. C'est la vie.
Some things are what I expected when I signed on for coming out here, and others, well others are
Me posing for a shotMe posing for a shotMe posing for a shot

There's one part of the trails where you have to use rope to pull yourself up.
surprises. The spice of life I suppose. Some food for thought and not esoteric ramblings: I came here expecting a chance to reinvent myself and I find the saying "Wherever you go, there you are!" to have some special meaning. I am still the same good-natured dorky Carl I was back home.

Additional photos below
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Sitting on the edge of a cliffSitting on the edge of a cliff
Sitting on the edge of a cliff

Here is Myself, Jesse, and Dylan sitting on the edge of a cliff at one of the peaks on a ridge.
Get to the top and theres....Get to the top and theres....
Get to the top and theres....

An outdoor gym! Here's Jesse doing some exercise after our hike.

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