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March 29th 2006
Published: March 29th 2006
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Jagalchi Fish MarketJagalchi Fish MarketJagalchi Fish Market

they look like little aliens

I have to say thank god for my lessons on the subway with Jen in Seoul seeing's I had never been on one in my life before. The one here is much simpler only consisting of 4 lines which I easily got myself to my first destination stop with. Then searching for a hotel that no longer exists got me a little confused, but I got'er all figured out with my ever improving sign language/sherrades (sp) act. By noon I was unpacking in my not so wonderful room and opening up the guide book on what to see. Honestly though people I wouldn't by the Lonely Planet "Korea" book because most of the directions in it suck.

First I though I'd take a gander over to the oh so famous fish market. Jagalchi Fish Market is the biggest in Korea, I guess it's a got to see, and everything you could imagine could come out of the sea. I'm a seafood lover myself but some of there creatures scared me and I wouldn't eat them cooked let alone raw like the locals do. There was shrimp, crab, oysters, calms, eels, squib, baby octopus, whale (not cool), turtles (even less cool), and a ton of stuff I've never even seen before. The old ladies sit out shucking the shell fish and gutting the fish, you can tell they've been doing it for years. They are very short and have really long arms in comparison to there bodies (kinda ape-like), I wonder if the younger generation has evolved from that seeing the lifestyle change so much. Because really I always though Koreans would be short, but they're not at all. I really enjoyed my tour through the market and it didn't smell as bad as I thought it would have.

Yongdusan Park was next where there was an Aquarium not at all worth seeing consisting of about 15 small tanks with around 20 species of no so exotic fish. There was also an observation tower that in the park that was pretty cool. You could see the entire city of Busan, it is 100 meters in the air and I felt very off balance at the top. Everything's just starting to turn green and bloom but it is still pretty brown around here so I imagine it's a lot nicer in the summer minus the rain.

The next day I spent walkin around the city; I checked out a beach and finished my day at the Hurshimchung Hot Springs Spa. It is the biggest spa in Korea and it was absolutely fabulous. So many different temp pools (they all had some kind of significance), saunas, steam rooms, foot baths, champagne bath, awww it was great. I do really love these things, one thing Ill miss for sure.

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Yongdusan ParkYongdusan Park
Yongdusan Park

Busan Tower
Yongdusan ParkYongdusan Park
Yongdusan Park

top of Busan Tower
Yongdusan ParkYongdusan Park
Yongdusan Park

top of Busan Tower
Yongdusan ParkYongdusan Park
Yongdusan Park

cool dragon

29th March 2006

Looks very populated
How far is this from the main city??
30th March 2006

Proud of you....
Glad to see you're navigating in the land of no tourists without excessive difficulty! Makes me excited to get down to that neck of the woods myself; keep me posted on when you're getting back to Seoul for another noraebang adventure ;-) !! love, jen
30th March 2006

Well Aunty Im not sure in Km's but it only takes about 5 1/2 hours by bus. South Korea is not a very big courtry:)
31st March 2006

i wana come
i wana come haha
11th July 2006

Free Travel Help?
Hi, I'm meeting by daughter in Seoul to tour for 10 days and an having a hard time trying to deciede if we should do it on our own or pay the big bucks for an English guide. She will have some language down by time I get there because of her studies. Any thoughts for me?
13th July 2006

Mary -Answer
If you would send me a message instead of comment it will work better so I can respond directly to you. But really I think it's possible, especially if you daughter knows a little. But if you have the bucks maybe a guide would help to make it much less a hassel. Enjoy!! I highly suggest Jeonju, it was my fav.

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