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February 5th 2011
Published: February 5th 2011
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my second elder brother and my niece.
From Feb. 2nd until Feb. 6th is new year holidays in Korea. In Korea, we, Koreans use two calendars. one is a western style calendar, a solar calendar, Gregorian calendar. the other is a Chinese style calendar, a lunar calendar.
In Korea, the western style calendar is used in official things-an enrollment, a graduation, an official trip and meeting, a business schedule and so on. but the Chinese style calendar is used in private things- to choose the day of a marriage or an engagement, birthday party- some people want a solar calendar- , ageing, a fortune telling of men and women in the early of the new year, house moving , traditional holidays and the worship for ancestors.
the first day of this new year in a Chinese style calendar is Feb. 3rd in a Gregorian calendar, a western style calendar.
this new year holiday of mine is similar to the last new year holiday of 2010 except my first elder brother's family can't visit my father's house. My first elder brother is busy in transforming a computer networking in his company, Metlife in Korea. He is a senior supervisor of information technology department, Metlife Korea in

my two nieces.
Seoul. this transforming work must be accomplished during holidays. so new system will be given to customers in Korea after holidays. He is a very busy man. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 God help him!
My younger brother's family, my second elder brother and me come to my father's house in Gun-wi county to worship for my parents and my ancestors.
One year ageing, an eating Korean rice soup(떡국), a drinking Korean rice wine(막걸리), a worship for my ancestors, a playing tennis with my hometown friends and a swimming in the pool in a park Dae-gu downtown. I can swim in a crawl stork-a free style- 1,000m without stopping. I can also swim in a breast stroke for a warming up and I am trying the butterfly stroke. but I can't swim in backstroke.
In winter, I usually go swimming for my health. In spring, summer and fall, I usually play tennis with my friends for my health.

"None of the principal plans which are required for a war can be made without an insight into the political relations."
Carl von Clausewitz, On War

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My Great Ma!

My Pa and Me. My Pa is a steward in this worship.
My Pa and ma #1My Pa and ma #1
My Pa and ma #1

befor receiving my brothers' worship.

My Pa,Ma and My niece.

My niece bowed for my parents.

after receiving my brothers' worship, My pa and ma drank a cup of rice wine.

set a table for my ancestors.

set tables for my ancestors.

completed set tables for my ancestors.

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