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December 10th 2006
Published: December 14th 2006
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Realizing exactly what I was in for, minute by minute awkward translation, a pair of adorably giddy parents, screaming, crying, giggling boys, and freezing temperatures, I took my privates (korean kids I teach privately in their own house, secretly, "beyond" the law...2% chance of being deported for taking away hagwon/korean jobs)...up on their invitation for a weekend to Andong - farther north and west of Daegu in South Korea. The Cultural Capital of Korea, much like Kyoto - of Japan, I'm guessing.
Although I'm exhausted from the trip, I feel full, whole, a true and curious visitor to Korea. I've always thought-complained (to myself) that Korea seems to be a family-centric country. Many people do not move out of their parents home until they're married, many business deals or job appointments seem to be based on family ties...and here I am, in a studio apartment, very far from my own family, walking to and from work without a hug, kiss goodbye, no tupperware container with assorted kimchi, rice and other "unconditional love" as Michael in the office calls the mom-supplied that Koreans in the office tote each day.
And now, I have been adopted into two sweet families.
"For Aesthetics Only and Fun" the mom explained."For Aesthetics Only and Fun" the mom explained."For Aesthetics Only and Fun" the mom explained.

Grab this out of a field, wave it around, smack your dad with it when you're annoyed you can't go to Grandmas house today, bring it in the car, shake it and watch the little twigs fly around the car.
As for now, as is with all other trips (especially Kyoto, which I haven't yet posted), I'll be coming back to fill in the photos with comments after I relax. For now, Welzer family, and any kickass stalker, here is the collage o' Andong.

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DEATH TREE. we named it, DEATH TREE. we named it,
DEATH TREE. we named it,

...after the new movie Death Note-uh. (Death notebook). It was massive, scarred from a fire, maybe the fire of its death.
Scares away evil spirits, meanwhile brings bad dreams.Scares away evil spirits, meanwhile brings bad dreams.
Scares away evil spirits, meanwhile brings bad dreams.

No evil spirits shall enter this ancient village of Andong, because they HAVE to enter this gate to get there (the only entrance of course), and they will be terrified of large, wooden king-monsters. There was a lot of nervous stares, mimicing, fake-scared screams. Good bi-lingual times. (on their part, not mine...I'm not pretending I can make complex sentences in Korean).
Many-use MirrorsMany-use Mirrors
Many-use Mirrors

Just before we all collapsed, we covered these small mirrors with traditionally-made paper and glue, and as they did hundreds of years ago, we dried them carefully with travel-sized hair dryers. Yay. They are used to admire yourself, poke your brother in the eye and chew on. Yum deelish.
Rockhard FaithRockhard Faith
Rockhard Faith

cheeseball yes. But not at Buddha's expense. These guys just stood outside the 600-year old temple that held a huge, golden Buddha. "Picture Camera No Please" So instead, check these out. I'll explain the historical details when I'm off my tongue and cheek rant.

15th December 2006

i love brielle
i would be a stalker but i know you, so i don't know if that counts as stalking... i miss you! love rachel
18th December 2006

i would be a stalker but i'm the dad-figure, so that doesn't count as stalking... i miss you! love dad
25th January 2007

i will be a stalker but i'm your friend, so i'm guessing that you will probably be annoyed at counting whose stalking.... i miss you! love eunjeong
24th December 2007

me encantaba tu blog. it looks like you have a blast with ur handful of KEY GOO CHANGEES peace, senyorita sofia

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