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Published: December 15th 2010
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It's simple...
We live in SK, and we have been able to find somethings in various markets around Seoul like the "Foreign Foods Market" where they sell your average North American products at three times the price! Then there are the few shops around various shopping areas who also bring in a few "foreign products" and then try to make a killing on the pricing because there are slim to none and people will do anything for those niblets from their home country!

Simply put...
If you send us something from the country you are in; Chocolates, Gum, Toothpaste, or anything you can think of that someone might miss when they are traveling around

You send us something, anything, to us in South Korea and we will return the favor!
And I can tell you this... it'll definitely be something very different then what you find at your local shop!

Our Address is;

Gyeonggi English Village
Attn: Aaron & Shauna JacksonCrabb
1779 Beopheung-ri
Paju City
Republic of Korea

TEL: 010 - 4695 - 2720

Happy New Years!
From South Korea!

Aaron & Shauna

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the two of usthe two of us
the two of us

on the lOOp line

15th December 2010

Merry Christmas
Good to hear from you two. Hard to believe that you have been there for that length of time already. You both look wonderful and happy. Take care Auntie Edna

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