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January 23rd 2018
Published: January 24th 2018
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The Olympics MascotsThe Olympics MascotsThe Olympics Mascots

Soohorang is the white tiger - mascot for the Olympic games. Bandabi is the black bear - mascot for the Paralympic games. Picture taken at airport.
Saturday Jan. 20 - Monday Jan. 22.

After a grueling trip I finally made it. I had a 21 hour flight via Beijing to get here, Incheon Airport near Seoul, arriving 11:50 a.m on Monday, Jan. 22. I added a day by crossing the dateline (Tristan your homework assignment is to look this up). I met some other volunteers in the baggage claim area and we decided to travel together. Sabria (France) & I made our way to Seoul via subway, then to Jinbu station via 15:01 KTX train, which travels up to 300 km/hr (for those of your metric system challenged: take the first 2 numbers and multiply by 6; 30 x 6 = 180 mph). And the trains are sooooo smooth.

We arrived at Jinbu station at 16:45 and met up with David (Switzerland), Jeana (Dallas), 2 crazy Russian women - Olga & Natalie & a few others. We took the TW1 shuttle bus to the UAC (Uniform Distribution & Accreditation Center). The place was mobbed with volunteers (and men from S. Korea army volunteering). We were able to try on the uniforms to get the right size. We finally made it through the process at 18:35
KTX train station is Seoul.KTX train station is Seoul.KTX train station is Seoul.

Lots of shopping & food here.
and just missed the 18:30 shuttle bus. It was snowing really hard & was cold. We got the 19:30 shuttle bus to our accommodation at the Catholic Kwongdong University and, of course, arrived with a mob and got processed there. Sabria & I weren't designated to be roommates but we asked if we could, and they changed it for us.

So, we are now living in a dormitory room for 4 people. We have a Russian woman in our room also. I'm sure a 4th person will show up. They provided us with bedding, pillow, soap, toilet paper, and 2 small towels. We go to a communal shower, sink, toilet area.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

My electricity converter plugs don't fit well (they are old & loose) so I bought a new one. There is 2 places to lock things but I didn't bring a lock so I bought 2. AND - they don't serve coffee with breakfast!!! I won't be able to survive without my morning coffee, so I bought some coffee (and 5 other volunteers did the same). A bunch of us walked to a store today and bought stuff we needed.

Leave messages &
Inside the KTX train.Inside the KTX train.Inside the KTX train.

Comfortable seats & screen with lots of information.
let me know what you want to know.

Sue Pease

Additional photos below
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Arrived at UAC.Arrived at UAC.
Arrived at UAC.

It's snowing!
The Ski Jump.The Ski Jump.
The Ski Jump.

This is near the UAC. I didn't realize those ramps were so steep!
My dormitory room.My dormitory room.
My dormitory room.

This is my desk. I'm trying to get organized!
Our bunk beds.Our bunk beds.
Our bunk beds.

I got the bottom one.
Our dormitory room.Our dormitory room.
Our dormitory room.

Another view of our room.

24th January 2018

You made it okay! Glad to hear things are going alright. Looking forward to hear more soon!
24th January 2018

How cold is the weather? And how is the food? I got the email notification for this blog post.
24th January 2018

Hi Sue!
I am enjoying reading of your adventures! And I love the pictures! Enjoy your instant (I am assuming you bought instant) coffee! lol
24th January 2018

Woo hoo! You're There!
Thanks for the updates, Sue. It's all very interesting to get an "on the ground" look at how the Olympics operate. Anything you want to share will be interesting, I'm sure. Good luck with everyone and hope all goes well. Let us know what events you can attend. Your photos are great. Very interesting. Cheerio, Jean
24th January 2018

WoW!! Hi Sue! That was some experience, getting to PyeongChang! And meeting people from all over the world! How great! I have really enjoyed your first Blog and really looking forward the next!
24th January 2018

Great to hear from you
So glad you made it! I am sure it was a long trip. I just printed this out and I am giving a copy to Violet and Lenny. Can't wait to see your next post. Stay safe and warm.
24th January 2018

Wow, glad you made it ok. Looks like a great adventure! How's the food?
25th January 2018

Thanks Sue, I will travel though you----very interesting
25th January 2018

Looks like we can't comment on your 2d entry
I've come back to your first entry to comment bc at the bottom of the 2d entry, it says comments are only allowed on "published blogs." FYI. I am enjoying your descriptions of what you're doing, plus the photos. I guess it's really cold there - eh? ha ha... stay warm. It does look pretty chilly. How is the snow at the ski runs? Although it's cold, it doesn't look like there's heaps of snow? Is that the case? Are they make snow? Inquiring minds need to know! Good luck with the driving. I think that would be a bit nerve wracking, too, but I'm sure you'll do just fine. Have fun! Keep the posts coming. Toodle ooo, Jean
27th January 2018

Not much snow
Yeah, there's not much snow but they made tons of snow & have the slopes all groomed.

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