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June 7th 2008
Published: July 2nd 2008
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We begin this blog by expressing our grief and condolences at the shocking news of the tragedies visited upon the Philippines by Typhoon Fengshen. Scores of people died just off the coast of Sibuyan when a boat capsized. Islands like Illoilo, Sibuyan and Romblon suffered devastating damage to homes, farms and livestock. We feel the pain. The indomitable people of the Philippines will remain in our... Read Full Entry

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Romblon, Romblon
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Kuya Rann's

The best something on a stick we ever had

2nd July 2008

Great blog
Ah, had a great time reading your blog. What an adventure.
4th July 2008

Philippines baby
A great adventure indeed. We loved the Philippines but maybe slightly (just slightly) less adventurous ;-) Enjoy the rest of your trip! Good luck! Not that it seems that you are lacking any! Ciao!
6th July 2008

perfect match!
Hey folks! Cheers for the great blog..It was indeed some magic moment @ jammin´s with you guys.. hope you´ll be back one day.. Love & Peace
4th January 2009

fantastic pics!
Glad you'd enjoyed Your stay in Romblon.Just wonderin if you'll allow me to include your shots in the local newsletter,Uswag? Hope to hear from you soon.
11th February 2009

hey, i'm enjoying this............
I'm from the Philippines but I have not been to Romblon! You guys beat me to it. And hey, great blog. You write well.....and i have to say, you've been lucky. Filipinos are usually hospitable especially the provincial folks. And we certainly appreciate it when others express appreciation for our country too! Enjoy all your adventures!
7th October 2011

it was fun reading your blog, i appreaciate that you took the adventure in a positive way,. we filipinos, pride ourselves for being hospitable... :) Philippines has so much to offer,. we have 7107 islands and plus plus more tourist attraction.. hope you'll visit this wonderful country again..

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