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April 8th 2009
Published: April 8th 2009
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Call me what you will: part of the Filipino 'Diaspora' ; an 'Oreo Cookie' astride two (or more) cultures or by my nickname 'Bong'. When I travel back to the place where it all began; it is ironic than in the smog of Manila is where I can breath again. A peace comes over me like I belong somewhere.

And so, dear companions gathered for a literal and metaphorical journey in search of a shared experience. Sometimes we luxuriated in surroundings so comfortable it was almost surreal. So much so in fact, that periodic escapes were necessary. Such was the case in Puerto Galera and Donsol. In Camarines Sur
is where we met the displaced of another kind ... newly unemployed Bankers ... refugees of the Financial Crisis partying to excess in a wakeboard park. And almost as soon as it began, it was over. Good-Bye .


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